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Ultra Necrozma
== Ultra Necrozma ==
Ultra Necrozma should be added to restricted list,despite it being a hack-only form, bank does allow other hack only forms such as mega and primal Pokémon. Forms such as darmanitans zen form, meloetta pirouette form, ash greninja blade form aegislash, school form wishiwashi can all be successfully deposited in bank. This leaves ultra Necrozma in a unique position being one of the few Pokémon that cannot be deposited {{unsigned|VexIsRed}}
:We usually don't add mechanics that require hacking to the pages (unless it's a page about glitches), so I don't think it's worth mentioning which hacked forms of Pokémon are allowed to be deposited or not. If anywhere at all, this could be in the trivia section.
:Still, you should probably provide a source to explain how do you know if all these forms you mentioned are allowed or not.
:Also, remember to sign your comments with four tildes <nowiki>(~~~~)</nowiki>. [[User:Suic12-|Suic]] ([[User talk:Suic12-|talk]]) 16:43, 7 June 2019 (UTC)