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Pokémon Yellow
By turning around and talking to the Pikachu, the player can learn how it feels and thinks about the player. At the beginning of the game, Pikachu is unhappy to be stuck with the player as a Trainer. By using it in lots of battles and keeping it healthy, however, it will change its attitude towards the player. Pikachu displays a variety of expressions, from anger to shock to fear to love, as it reacts to the player and its surroundings. If Pikachu is traded to another game, evolved, and traded back, it will no longer follow the player.
[[File:Spr Y Red Pikachu.png|frame|left|Pikachu's status screen]]
Pikachu has many expressions, and some events will trigger certain expressions. For example, when it first meets the player, Pikachu is not happy to see the player, and will sometimes turn its back towards them. If the player decides to speak to Pikachu, a small image of Pikachu's current emotion will pop up. The image also shows how much the Pikachu [[friendship|likes]] the player. Further on in the game, Pikachu will begin to like the player, and smile at them. When Pikachu enters the [[Pokémon Fan Club]], it will fall in love with a {{p|Clefairy}}, changing its expression again. When first going into the [[Sea Cottage]], [[Bill]] was experimenting with his cellular teleportation device when he was accidentally turned into a {{p|Clefairy}}. Pikachu will run to him and exchange confused looks. After he is rescued, and transported back to his original self, Pikachu will have a look of shock. Pikachu will also change its expression when it is inflicted with a [[status condition]], such as poison, where Pikachu will feel sick, or under sleep conditions, where Pikachu will be asleep. In [[Pewter City]]'s Pokémon Center, there is a {{p|Jigglypuff}} that will {{m|sing}} a lullaby if talked to, and Pikachu will fall asleep and not move unless awakened by the player. The center's nurse will also comment on Pikachu's sleep if talked to. When entering the [[Pokémon Tower]], Pikachu will feel scared and shudder fearfully. If the player uses a fishing rod, then checks Pikachu, it will appear with a bucket over its head. Besides showing Pikachu's emotions and friendship, the image can also show several other 'events' such as when Pikachu learns {{m|Thunderbolt}}, where it will shock the player. Also, if the player tries to use a [[Thunder Stone]] on it, it will shake its head in refusal.
If the player character jumps over a ledge and leaves Pikachu above it for a short while, Pikachu will start to dance.