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Pokémon Ranger (Trainer class)

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|epname=The Battle for More Friends!
|desc=A Pokémon Ranger's {{p|Swanna}} was first seen with {{p|Zebstrika}} in a battle against [[Monta's Snivy]] and {{p|Emolga}}. Emolga goes in with an {{m|Electro Ball}} attack on Swanna but suddenly the attack misses and Zebstrika is hit instead. The Ranger explains that Zebstrika's {{a|Lightningrod}} Ability pulls electric attacks towards it instead. It goes in for an Aerial Ace which hits {{p|Snivy}} and does loads of damage. It then attacks Emolga with a BubbleBeamBubble Beam which does some damage. It is later defeated by Emolga's {{m|Shock Wave}} giving Monta the win.
Swanna's known moves are {{m|Aerial Ace}} and {{m|BubbleBeamBubble Beam}}.}}
==In the TCG==