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Trivia: Just noticed this.
* All of Ash's Pokédexes have been red, as are all of the Pokédexes for male player characters in the games, while other characters have had other colors. May had a yellow one in Kanto, Paul has a dark blue Pokédex, Dawn has a pink Pokédex, [[Rhyanna]] has an ice blue Pokédex, [[Narissa]] has an orange Pokédex, and [[Mamie]] has a lavender Pokédex.
* The only Pokédex Ash has never owned is the Pokédex introduced in HeartGold and SoulSilver, but such has been owned by {{an|Lyra}} and [[Khoury]].
* The Kanto regional Pokédex (Generations I and III) and the Sinnoh regional Pokédex ({{v2|Diamond and Pearl|s}}) have 151 members, the smallest of all regional Pokédexes. The largest regional Pokédex is the Kalos regional Pokédex, with 454 members.
* The Pokédex models of [[Generation]]s {{Gen|I}} and {{Gen|II}} rounded the weights of all Pokémon to full pounds except for {{p|Gastly}} and {{p|Haunter}}, despite the Japanese games' use of tenths of kilograms since the start. From [[Generation III]] onward, all weights have been given to the nearest tenth of a pound.
* The Pokédex has usually lost several buttons with every new model, due to various upgrades: Kanto's first model has twenty-two buttons; Kanto's third model has nine; Johto's original model has five; Kanto's second model, both of Hoenn's models, and Sinnoh's only have three; and Johto's second model, both of Unova's models, the Kalos model, and the Alola model all apparently have no buttons whatsoever, solely using the touch-screen interface.