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Trivia: The Alola Dex's arms would be joycons and the main body would be the Switch screen. Doubt it was done unintentionally and same goes for the other ones that resemble electronics.
** For ''[[DP002|Two Degrees of Separation!]]'', the [[Professor Oak's Big Pokémon Encyclopedia]] featured this senryū: 「こまったら ひらいてみよう ポケモンずかん」 ''"When troubled, let's open the Pokédex."''
** For ''[[BW003|A Sandile Gusher of Change!]]'', the [[Professor Oak's Pokémon Live Caster]] featured this senryū: 「こまったら けんさくいっぱつ ポケモンずかん」 ''"If you are stuck, one search of the Pokédex is all you need."''
* Many Pokédexes appear similar to oneNintendo ofconsoles, Nintendo'sand other popular handheldselectronics.
** The Generation III Kanto Pokédex resembles a [[Game Boy Advance SP]], while the Generation VII Kanto Pokédex resembles a {{wp|laptop}}.
** The Generation II Johto Pokédex resembles a [[Game Boy Color]], whilst the Generation IV Johto Pokédex is in similar appearance to a [[Nintendo DSi]].
** Both versions of the Hoenn Pokédex appearresemble similar to thea [[Game Boy Advance]].
** The Sinnoh Pokédex resembles a [[Nintendo DS Lite]].
** The Unova Pokédex resembles an {{wp|iPod Nano}}.
** The Alola Rotom Pokédex resembles a [[Nintendo Switch]].
** The Galar Rotom Phone resembles a {{wp|smartphone}}.
* In most canons, the Pokédex is evidently encased in material that is invulnerable to almost anything within reason. It has been soaked in water and (in the anime) electrocuted and exposed to high-temperature flames, all with no ill effect. It is also voice-sensitive. There are some limitations to its ability; certain circumstances can prevent the Pokédex from accurately identifying its target:
** A Pokédex which has not received a [[National Pokédex|National Mode]] upgrade will not display any information on Pokémon not usually found in its home region, even if those Pokémon have been caught, and if captured, its number will be listed as "???" (or not listed at all in the case of Sun and Moon) in the [[Party|summary]] screen.