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Shōko Nakagawa

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[[File:Shōko Nakagawa.jpg|thumb|200px|Shōko Nakagawa]]
'''Shōko Nakagawa''' (Japanese: '''中川翔子''' ''Nakagawa Shōko'') is a Japanese seiyū for the [[Pokémon anime]] and was also one of the hosts of [[Pokémon Sunday]], [[Pokémon Smash]], and [[Pokémon Get☆TV]]. Currently, she is also one of the host in [[Meet Up at the Pokémon House?]]. She was born on May 5, 1985 in {{wp|Tokyo}}, {{wp|Japan}}.
She is also known under the nickname '''Shokotan''' and is famous for her extensive use of 2ch-driven language, which is known by her fans as {{jwp|しょこたん語|Shokotanese}} (Japanese: しょこたん語 ''Shokotan-go'').