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|epname=Big City Battles
|desc={{p|Amoonguss}} was first used by a Team Plasma Grunt to knock {{adv|Bianca}} unconscious so that he could liberate her {{p|Litwick}}. In the [[PS479|following round]], {{adv|Black}} followed the spores he left behind to find out where Team Plasma had been keeping the Pokémon they kidnapped. Amoonguss battled with Black's [[Nite]], but was easily defeated from a chop to the head. During the attack on the Pokémon League, he was used alongside the other Seven Sages' Pokémon to to fend off several Trainers that were trying to rescue the captured Gym Leaders. When the Gym Leaders were freed, Amoonguss was left to fight alone with the other sages' Pokémon after the Seven Sages escaped.
None of Amoonguss's moves are known, and his Ability is {{a|Effect Spore}}.}}