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Ash and Max arrive at the Dojo, which turns out to be empty. Max wonders if this is really the place, so they call out to see if anyone is around and are answered by an old man who jumps out from inside the Dojo, demonstrates some martial arts moves, and lands gracefully in front of them. The old man introduces himself as [[Master Hamm]] and Ash and Max greet him. Max then mentions that Ash made the top 8 of the last competition in [[Ever Grande City]], surprising the master. Assuming that Ash wants to apply as a student, Master Hamm starts pushing him inside the dojo as Team Rocket looks on from a nearby tree. They plot to steal all the Fighting-type Pokémon and {{AP|Pikachu}} too.
Inside, Max and Ash are cleaning the floor of the dojo as Master Hamm orders them around. Both of them wonder why they're doing this in the first place. They hear a conversation coming from outside and turn to see Kyle and Terri walk through the doorway with May and Brock in tow. When May asks why they are cleaning the floor, Ash replies that even he does not know. The young woman recognizes May as the winner of the recent Saffron Pokémon Contest, saying that she watched her on television. Brock begins to gush over Terri, but she goes over and asks Master Hamm about the "new Trainers," whom he says are his new students. Ash and Max say that thatthey only wanted to see some {{type|Fighting}} Pokémon. Terri scolds Master Hamm for treating them so, but he says he only did so because Kyle, his son and unwilling heir to the Dojo, refuses to do the work. Terri apologizes for the scene and introduces herself to Ash and {{ashfr}}. She says that she is the Dojo's only student, which in the past had hundreds. If Kyle does not take over the Dojo, Master Hamm would have no choice but to close it down. Brock tries to interrupt the arguing with his own "solution": he will marry Terri and take over instead. However, he is ignored and the fighting continues.
Master Hamm says that the only way to settle this is with a Pokémon Battle. If Kyle loses, he agrees to take over the Dojo, but if he wins, he is free to do whatever he wants. Kyle accepts and makes Terri the "Contest judge", but she says that this is no way to decide something so important, with which May agrees. Kyle and Master Hamm take their places at opposite sides of the field. Terri asks if they have to do it this way and the two emphatically say so. The battle commences as Master Hamm calls upon {{p|Hitmonlee}}, which executes some kicks as Ash looks it up in his Pokédex. Kyle releases {{p|Hitmonchan}}, which demonstrates some rapid punches as May looks it up in her Pokédex. May yells to Kyle that she is rooting for him so that he can make noodles for her. Kyle tells Hitmonchan to use {{m|Mach Punch}}, knocking Hitmonlee back. It quickly recovers as Master Hamm jumps into the air and kicks while directing Hitmonlee to use {{m|Jump Kick}}, but he suddenly injures his back, abruptly ending the battle. Master Hamm is determined to settle the matter but is unable to do so at the moment. Ash offers to fill in for him, which he agrees to, lending Ash his Hitmonlee. Kyle argues that the battle would be pointless if he is battling a replacement. May offers to battle against Ash in Kyle's place, which he agrees to. Kyle tells her that he will make her his famous Battle Noodles if she wins. Both then go to train their Pokémon for the battle.