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{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} emerge from the desert and have finally reached [[Olivine City]]. As Ash runs ahead to find the [[Olivine Gym|Gym]], {{TRT}} spies on them using trash cans as a disguise. The reflected light from a large office building catches the trio’strio's attention, and [[Jessie]] suggests they could be be hired and earn lots of money. With that, Team Rocket rushes over. They are stopped at the entrance by two security guards who ask the trio to show their [[Badge]]s. [[James]] presumes that his prized bottle caps will be sufficient, but the guards clarify that they need to see Gym Badges. James questions the pair, and the guards admit that the building is the {{Gdis|Battle Tower|II}}. The news leaves Team Rocket deflated and they slump onto the ground in defeat.
Ash reaches the Olivine Gym and enters it, hoping to just breeze though this {{pkmn|battle}}. When he approaches the {{pkmn|Trainer}} box, a girl comes out, claiming herself to be the [[Gym Leader]], [[Jasmine]]. Ash seems to believe her and challenges "Jasmine" to a fight. "Jasmine" declares that the match will a three-on-three and she selects an {{p|Onix}} which seems to be coated with something. On impulse, Ash calls out {{AP|Totodile}} to make short work of the {{type|Rock}}. Ash commands Totodile to use {{m|Water Gun}}. The attack is effective at first but somehow, the Onix breaks through and knock Totodile out with a single {{m|Tackle}}. Ash selects {{AP|Pikachu}} who begins the round with a {{m|Quick Attack}}. A voice calls for the match to stop, and it is revealed to the real [[Jasmine]], much to everyone's surprise. Jasmine reveals that the girl is her apprentice, [[Janina]], and calls for her young apprentice to pay a visit to her office immediately. Janina apologizes to Ash for the false match before explaining her conduct to Jasmine. Janina admits that she covered her Oni in water repellent wax. Jasmine is deeply disappointed and expels her young apprentice to allow her time to learn to truly communicate with her Pokemon. Janina leaves the Gym feeling upset. Meanwhile, inside Jasmine offers Ash her sincerest apologies. She admits that she would gladly battle him, though she is too exhausted from being concerned about [[Amphy|Sparkle]]. Jasmine suddenly receives a call and leaves the Gym to immediately attend to the urgent matter.