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Viren debuted in ''[[SM070|The Young Flame Strikes Back!]]'', where he arrived at [[Paniola Ranch]], keen to buy the area and turn it into a resort hotel. After {{an|Kiawe}} and his family declined his offer to purchase their ranch, he began to harass them, which infuriated Kiawe. As a result, Kiawe challenged him to a {{pkmn|battle}}, but Kiawe's unsuccessful attempt at using a [[Z-Move]] with {{TP|Kiawe|Marowak}} gave Viren the win.
Viren returned the next day and had a [[rematch]] against Kiawe, but was defeated. Despite this, Viren refused to acknowledge defeat and called for [[Viren's henchmen|his henchmen]] who arrived in digger trucks, ready to destroy the ranch, even when Kiawe, his family, and friends stood their ground, he wasn't fazed and told his henchmen to knock them aside. But unfortunately for Viren, [[Officer Jenny]] arrived with a warrant for his arrest, the charge against him being forging land ownership documents, with additional charges of trespassing and malicious destruction of property (both legal and private). Viren and his henchmen tried to flee, but they were thwarted by police cars and subdued by Officer Jenny's {{p|Granbull}} before being taken away.
In ''[[SM081|A Young Royal Flame Ignites!]]'', Viren tried to buy out the [[Battle Royal Dome]] using the Revengers. When the Revengers were defeated by {{Ash}} and the {{an|Professor Kukui|Masked Royal}}, he attempted to challenge the masked fighters himself with his {{p|Pangoro}}, but {{TP|Professor Kukui|Incineroar}} and {{AP|Torracat}} swiftly sent Pangoro flying out of the ring and into its Trainer, knocking them both out.