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{{g|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}}
=====Story quotes=====
;[[MountProfessor HokulaniKukui]]'s Laboratory
* After {{p|Rotom}} enters the [[Pokédex]]
:''"Uh, hey there! P-pleasure to meet you! I-I'm not nervouzzz or anything, OK?!"''
* After Professor Kukui tells [[Lillie]] to help the player find their way around
:''"Feel free to have a little poke around! Zz-zz-zz!"''
;{{rt|1|Alola}} Hau'oli Outskirts
* After the darkness passes and Lillie says she'll take the player to the [[Pokémon Center]]
:''"E-everything went black all of a sudden! I thought I might be out of batteriezzz!"''
::'''I know, right?''': ''"At least the professor thinkzzz it's a good sign, huh? Let'zzz hope he's right..."''
::'''You OK, now?''': ''"Yeah, I'm OK... Thankzzz! I won't short-circuit that eazzzy!"''
:''"Maybe a nice vizzzit to the Pokémon Center will have us all feeling better in no time. I'll flag it on the map for you, too! Zzzrt!"''
;Route 1 [[Pokémon Center]]
* After Lillie explains the Pokémon Center and leaves
:''"So, the [[Trainers' School (Alola)|Trainers' School]] izzz... Oh yeah! It'zzz right next to the Pokémon Center!"''
;Route 1 Hau'oli Outskirts
* After Lillie heads to the Trainers' School
:''"Hmm. What do you think we'll find at thizzz Trainers' School place?"''
;Trainers' School
* After starting school
:''"You have to beat four other Trainerzzz? Good luck, pal! I bet you can do it! Zz-zz-zzt!"''
;Route 1 Hau'oli Outskirts
* After [[Hala]] tells the player to pet {{p|Tauros}}
:''"Zzrt? Are you going to pet that big ol' Tauros?! I bet my chassis is a hundred times smoother!"''
* After [[Hau]] and Lillie head to Hau'oli City
:''"Hau'oli City must be nearby! I can smell the sea on the breezzze!"''
;[[Hau'oli City]] Beachfront
* After being taught the proper greeting in Alola
:''"Hau'oli's so big! Let'zzz have a walk around! You'll be doing the walking, of course, but..."''
* After recieving the Poké Finder
:''"Woo-hoo, I've got the Poké Finder now! I just love the feeling of having new featurezz added!"''
* After the man explains photo spots
:''"Tap me when the icon changes on the map, and we can start snapping some photos!"''
* After first using the Poké Finder
:''"Well? What'd you think? Did you enjoy the Poké Finder?"''
::'''Yeah!''': ''"Good to hear! You're free to use it whenever you find a chanzzze!"''
::'''It's kind of tricky''': ''"Oh, don't worry! I bet you'll get uzzzed to it in no time!"''
:''"Let'zzz keep exploring Hau'oli! Try not to lose me, all right, partner?"''
;Hau'oli City Shopping District
* After the recieving the Lens Case and Makeup Bag (if female) from Lillie
:''"Hau'oli City has so many different shops and facilitiezzz! Don't get lost, kid!"''
* After learning about [[Totem Stickers]] and [[Team Skull]] from [[Ilima]]
:''"Collecting Totem Stickers sounds like fun! What's the deal with thizzz Team Skull, though? Why are they trying to mess with thingzzz...?"''
* After Hau challenges Team Skull
:''"Y-you're going to battle Team Skull?! Aren't you zzzcared, kid?"''
* If the player declines to battle Ilima right away
:''"Greetings! It's Captain Ilima there! Zz-zz-zz! He certainly looks confident! Let'zzz do our best!"''
* After defeating Ilima
:''"Yay! You beat the captain Don't stop now, kid. Keep moving while you got momentum! Zzzzrt!"''
* After Lillie wishes the player luck on their first trial
:''"C'mon, kid! Let's head to Route 2!"''
* After Tauros and Hala leave
:''"Hey, traveling izzz pretty fun! I wonder what we'll find on up ahead?"''
;Melemele Ferry Terminal
* After the woman asks if the player's Pokédex has a Rotom in it
:''"You called, zzt?"''
* After the player asks if Rotom can fix or go inside the vending machine
:''"Sure I can! Zz-zzt!"''
* After going inside the vending machine
:''"Zzt zzt..."''
* After coming back out
:''"All done, zzt!"''
* After the motel owner walks over to the beach
:''"Is that a beach over there?! Let'zzz go! Don't worry about me--I won't rust!"''
;[[Big Wave Beach]]
* After the player is told to come back after beating the kahuna
:''"Zzt! I can't wait for the chance to try a bit of {{p|Mantine}} Surfing! You'll take me with you, right?"''
* After Team Skull shows up
:''"No way... Team Skull izzz even here, too? There'zzz really no escaping them..."''
* After defeating Team Skull
:''"OK, thizzz time we're really going to make it to that trial site. No, really, I mean it!"''
;Route 2
* After seeing the [[Ultra Recon Squad]]
:''"Th-those folkzzz don't look like anyone else I've ever seen in Alola..."''
;Route 2 Pokémon Center
* After Hau mentions Roto Loto
:''"That'zzz right! Give me a tap when my eyezzz flash!"''
* After Hau tells the player to try Roto Loto
:''"Hey, kid, try out the Roto Loto! Just touch my eyezzz when they flash, and see what you get! Zzzzt-zzzzrt!"''
* After the player taps Rotom's eyes
:''"Oooh, congratzzz! We can use the Roto Loto now! It'zzz a new feature that pops out special powers, just like that! C'mon, give it a try!"''
* After Roto Loto stops
:''"Hey, look at that! That'zzz an amazing power!"''
* After recieving two Roto Boosts
:''"Roto Boost is a power that boosts the stats of your Pokémon! That'zzz an amazing power!"''
* After Hau runs to the café
:''"That's some special Rotom Power! Hope it helpzzz out with the trial!"''
;Route 2
* After Ilima enters Verdant Cavern
:''"Zzzzrt! My circuitzzz are all tingling! It's finally time for your first trial!"''
;[[Verdant Cavern]]
* After the trial begins
:''"But what do you actually do in a trial, huh? I guess we're both about to find out! Zzzt!"''
* After defeating the three Pokémon
:''"All you've got to do now is get your mittzzz on your first Z-Crystal! Zzzt!"''
* After clearing the trial
:''"Hey, you passed the trial! Great work, kid!"''
::'''I had fun!''': ''"Ha, you didn't even break a zzzweat!"''
::'''It was tough...''': ''"No kidding! It was such a close battle, I could barely watch! Zzzzzrt"''
:''"Anyway, good work, kid! Now, let'zzz get out of this cave!"''
;Route 2
* After Professor Kukui and Ilima leave to search for Lillie
:''"Where could Lillie have gone off to? Use my map--it hazzz some useful featurezzz!"''
;[[Melemele Meadow]]
* After [[Nebby]] enters [[Seaward Cave]]
:''"Let'zzz head to the cave--we can help look for Nebby!"''
* When the player is about to enter the flowers
:''"If you want to train your Pokémon, you're gonna want to use Roto Exp. Points!"''
:''"I'll be at your service! Zzt!"''
* After defeating Hau
:''"Zzt! Now to take on the kahuna himself! Get yourself off to Iki Town...if you dare to!"''
;[[Iki Town]]
* After Professor Kukui gives advice on how to battle Hala
:''"Kahuna Hala... E-even just looking at him, you can tell how strong he's got to be! Zzrt...! "''
* If the player tells Hala they're not ready yet
:''"Be sure you're ready for whatever Hala might throw at you! I'm sure he'zzz ready for you!"''
* After Ilima suggests going to the Alola Photo Club on Tauros
:''"Why don't you hop right on Tauros and take a rough ride down to the Alola Photo Club? Zzt!"''
;Player's house
* After the player's [[Mom (Alola)|mom]] gives them a [[Poké Ball]]
:''"Now we can go catch more Pokémon!"''
;Alola Photo Club
* After finishing the photo session
:''"Zzrt!? My camera can't do anything like that! Maybe it'zzz time I had a little upgrade, too..."''
;Hau'oli City Shopping District
* After Hau leaves for Big Wave Beach
:''"Let'zzz hit Big Wave Beach to try some Mantine Surfing--no dropping me in the water, though!"''
;Route 2
* After Samson Oak acknowledges it
;Big Wave Beach
* After being given permission to go Mantine Surfing
:''"Come on! Mantine is juzzzt waiting for us! And so izzz [[Akala Island]]! Zz-zz-zzt!"''
;[[Heahea Beach]]
:''"Here we are on Akala, {{tt|big boy|If the player is male}}/{{tt|clever girl|If the player is female}}! You know what that meanzzz? It meanzzz a new Akala {{color|F00|Island Pokédex}}, zzt! Try to find lotzzz of new Pokémon to fill it up!"''
:''"Come on, kiddo! We need to find the professor and Lillie in Heahea City!"''
;[[Heahea City]]
* After everyone leaves
:''"Let's have a wander around Heahea City, partner! Lot'zzz of sights to see!"''
* After Lillie heads to the Tide Song Hotel
:''"Let'zzz go check out the building Lillie went to!"''
* After battling [[Dexio]]{{sup/7|US}}/[[Sina]]{{sup/7|UM}}
:''"We should head to Route 4! There should be lotzzz of new Pokémon there to meet, and new townzzz to explore, too!"''
;[[Paniola Town]]
* After Hau leaves for Paniola Ranch
:''"Zzzm... The smell of thizzz area... It'zzz very distinct, don't you think?"''
;[[Paniola Ranch]]
* After [[Mallow]] registers {{p|Stoutland}} to the Ride Pager
:''"Let's go for a ride on Stoutland and have a sniff around here! Zzzt!"''
* After the player battles Gladion
:''"That Gladion… He’s kinda scary! Zzzzrrtt…"''
::'''You think?''': ''"He looked much stronger than the normal [[Team Skull Grunt]]zzz… Zzzrt-zzzrt-zzzt…"''
::'''Yeah, he is''': ''"Zzzt… I prefer nice people!"''
:''"Let’zzz see… The next trial is at Brooklet Hill! Don’t forget to check the map if you get lost!"''
;[[Brooklet Hill]]
* After [[Lana]] starts the trial and registers {{p|Lapras}} to the Ride Pager
:''"So the water trial izzz chasing down {{p|Wishiwashi}} while riding Lapras? Piece of cake!"''
* After defeating the first Wishiwashi
:''"Keep checking the splashing to chase down the Wishiwashi! But pleazzze don’t drop me!"''
* After reaching the Totem’s Den
:''"I hope you’re ready… It’s the Totem Pokémon!"''
* After completing the trial
:''"Congratzzz on finishing the water trial! Now, let’zzz head on through Route 6 to the next city!"''
* After helping Hapu defeat the Team Skull Grunts
:''"[[Royal Avenue]]?! I wonder what kind of place it is?"''
;Royal Avenue
* After seeing Gladion enter the [[Battle Royal Dome]]
:''"Hey, was that the scary guy we met before? What’zzz he doing at the Battle Royal Dome?!"''
;Battle Royal Dome
* After talking to [[Kiawe]]
:''"Next is [[Wela Volcano Park]]! Seemzzz it lies off of {{rt|7|Alola}}. I hope I don’t overheat! Zzzzt!"''
; {{tt|Wela Volcano Park|If the player completed the trial}}/{{tt|last visited Pokémon Center|If the player failed the trial}}
* Whether the player completes or fails the trial
:''"The fire trial! So this is the traditional dance of Alola, passed down through generationzzz!"''
; Wela Volcano Park
* After completing the trial and reading the previous message
:''"You completed the fire trial! I knew you could do it! Zzzzt-zzzzzt! Let’s have them open the captain’s barricade and head on to the next adventure!"''
;Route 7
* After the captain’s barricade is opened
:''"It’zzz a bit dark and spooky, but we need to go through the tunnel!"''
* After talking to [[Colress]]
:''"So, next is the third trial! It’zzz going to be in [[Lush Jungle]], right? I hope you have {{type|Fire}} Pokémon ready!"''
;Lush Jungle
* After starting the trial
:''"So thizzz is Lush Jungle… So many trees, and leaves, and grass, and everything!"''
;Route 5
* After completing the trial and talking to Professor Kukui
:''"Zzt-zzrt! The Dimensional Research Lab is in Heahea City!"''
;Heahea City
*After Lillie enters the Dimensional Research Lab
:''"Let’zzz head to the Dimensional Research Lab. The prof will be waiting for uzzz there!"''
;Dimensional Research Lab
* After talking to [[Professor Burnet]]
:''"It soundzzz like Professor Burnet has been taking good care of Lillie! Let’zzz go ask Lillie how she ended up pazzzed out on the beach!"''
* After talking to Professor Kukui
:''"[[Diglett's Tunnel]]? What a lucky bunch… I wanna have a place named after me, too! Zzzzt!"''
::'''Me too!''': ''"<Player> Tunnel, huh…? Soundzzz deep…"''
::'''The Rotunnel?''': ''"Zzzzzrt! Rotunnel! I like the zzzound of that!"''
:''"Anyway, let’zzz explore Diglett’s Tunnel for now!"''
;Diglett’s Tunnel
* After talking to [[Olivia]]
:''"If we get through this tunnel, we’ll be just steps away from [[Konikoni City]], {{tt|big boy|If the player is male}}/{{tt|clever girl|If the player is female}}! Zzzzp!"''
* After defeating the Team Skull Grunts
:''"Once we reach Konikoni City, we need to head to Olivia’zzz shop! I hope my map has it…"''
;Konikoni City
* After reading Olivia’s note
:''"I’ve marked the Ruinzzz of Life on my map! I’d say we should do some shopping now. I don’t think there will be shopzzz out there!
;[[Memorial Hill]]
* After [[Faba]] invites the player to [[Aether Paradise]]
:''"That [[Aether Foundation]] guy, with the glassezz… What was his problem? He certainly acted full of himzzzelf!"''
;[[Akala Outskirts]]
* After defeating [[Plumeria]]
:''"Bzzzt-zzzt… That lady was super strong…"''
;[[Ruins of Life]]
* If the player tells Olivia they're not ready yet
:''"So, Olivia, the island kahuna! D’you think she’ll be azzz powerful as Hala?
;Akala Outskirts
* After Hau tells the player about Faba
:''"So, all we gotta do is find that self-important guy at [[Hano Grand Resort]]! Should be no problem--he tendzzz to stick out!"''
;Aether Paradise
* After [[Wicke]] suggests finding [[Lusamine]]
:''"The conservation area izzz huge! How are we supposed to find the president in here?!"''
* After {{p|Nihilego}} appears
:''"Zzrt?! I’ve never seen a Pokémon like that! A-are we really gonna fight that…that thing?!"''
;[[Malie City]]
* After Hau leaves for [[Malie Garden]]
:''"We’ve made it to [[Ula'ula Island]] now! And that means another new {{color|F00|Island Pokédex}} for you, {{tt|big boy|If the player is male}}/{{tt|clever girl|If the player is female}}! Fill ‘er up! Zz-zz-zz!
:''"Malie Garden should be right near the Pokémon Center! Think you can find it? Zz-zzt!"''
;Malie Garden
* After Hau goes to the bridge
:''"The tea shop in Malie Garden! Maybe the prof is taking hizzz time enjoying a cup of tea!"''
* After Hau tells the player about the observatory
:''"Ula’ula Island has an observatory, huh? I bet they’re studying the universe and its secretzzz!"''
;Malie City
* After Lillie heads to the Malie Library
:''"Malie Library izzz to the west of the garden! You know which way izzz west, right?"''
;Malie Library
* After Lillie goes upstairs
:''"So this izzz the library! Just look at all those bookzzz!"''
* After Lillie tells the player about the next trial
:''"Once we’re done with Malie City, we should head to {{rt|10|Alola}}! Lotzzz of Pokémon there!"''
;Route 10
* After Professor Kukui tells the player to take the bus
:''"So, the {{p|Exeggutor}} Express will take us up [[Mount Hokulani]]… It’zzz a funny-looking bus!
;Mount Hokulani
* After Professor Kukui announces the Pokémon League:
:''"The Pokémon League! It sounds so cool! I bet you want to check it out, too, right? Zzrt?"''
* After collecting 20 Totem Stickers
:'''"Professor Oak wants to talk to you! Zzt!"''