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Shuckle (Pokémon)

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Shuckle seems to be based on an {{wp|endolith}}, an organism that lives inside porous rocks or animal shells - in particular, given its category, the Mold Pokémon, Shuckle may be based on a fungus or mold variety of endolith. Its shell, {{t|Bug}} type, and some of its names suggest it is also based on {{wp|barnacle}}s. It may also be inspired on {{wp|scale insect}}s—small, shelled parasites that produce a sweet fluid called {{wp|honeydew (secretion)|honeydew}} that attracts other insects. It could also be seen as a reference to {{wp|Fermentation in food processing|food fermentation process}}, with its {{t|Rock}} type alluding to the pottery used to store and ferment aliments in some cultures, and its Pokémon category referring to some fungi used in {{wp|Fungus#Cultured foods|cultured foods}}.
Shuckle may also have been based on certain varieties of {{wp|mollusk}}, as it shares some characteristics with them, including the shell, the muscular but limp-seeming feet, the use of acids to receive food or to break down obstacles, the liking for fermented foods, and living close to the water. It also seems be based on {{wp|turtle}}s or {{wp|tortoise}}s appearance-wise. Its worm-like aspect may also take inspiration from a {{wp|nematode}}.