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In the manga
==In the manga==
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
[[File:Gladion Adventures.png|thumb|170px|Gladion in Pokémon Adventures]]Gladion debuted in ''[[PASM04|The Decision and the Tournament of Six]]''. He first appeared as a participant at an [[Iki Town]] festival tournament. He was absent when the tournament roster was being determined, but returned by the time the tournament started. He explained he was away checking an [[Ultra Wormhole]] his {{TP|Gladion|Type: Null}} had sensed.
Gladion debuts in ''[[PASM04|The Decision and the Tournament of Six]]''. He first appeared as a participant at an [[Iki Town]] festival tournament. Initially, he was away when the placement of the participants was being decided, but returned just when the tournament started. His reason for his absence was due to him investigating a [[Ultra Wormhole|crack in the sky]] his {{TP|Gladion|Type: Null}} had sensed.
In ''[[PASM05|The Announcement and the Prize]]'', Gladion was paired upfaced against [[Hau]],. theWhen grandsonHau ofmentioned he joined the [[Islandtournament Kahuna]]because [[Hala]].he Duringthought theit'd battlebe fun, Gladion askedcalled Hauhim whyweak heand decidedwon tothe joinbattle. theIn tournament''[[PASM06|The Party Crasher and assumedGuzma Hauthe wishedDestroyer]]'', toGladion's surpassnext hisopponent grandfather.was WhenMoon, Hauwho repliedwanted thatto heknow joinedabout becausethe heUltra thoughtWormhole. itGladion wouldagreed beto tell funher about it, Gladionbut beratesonly himif andshe callsmanaged himto weakdefeat him. Eventually,Despite HauMoon's is defeatedskill, allowing Gladion toeventually move towon the nextbattle through roundluck.
In ''[[PASM06PASM07|The PartyFinal CrasherMatch and Guzmaa theSurprising DestroyerFinale!]]'', Gladion's opponent isand {{adv|MoonSun}}. Moonfaced revealedeach thatother shein alsothe sawfinals. a crack inDuring the skybattle, andSun's asksattitude annoyed Gladion, towho tellquestioned herthe aboutboy's itmotivation for joining the tournament. Gladion's agreedwords angered Sun, butwho onlyaccidentally onactivated thea conditionpowerful {{m|Inferno Overdrive}} that Moondefeated defeatsType: him.Null Duringbefore theirpassing battle,out Moonfrom provedexhaustion. toThough beGladion still had an effectiveactive strategistPokémon, andSun nearlywas defeatsdeclared Gladion'sthe {{p|Porygon}}winner. Despite thisAfterward, PorygonGladon eventuallyleft defeatsto Moon'sfind finala Pokémonplace throughto lucktrain so he may prepare to face the [[Ultra Beast]]s, givingmentioning himthat he lost his chance to meet the win.[[guardian deities|tapu]].
In ''[[PASM07PASM08|TheGoing Final MatchAshore and aNeighboring SurprisingAkala Finale!Island]]'', Gladion faces off against {{adv|Sun}} in the finals. Duetraveled to the immense defense Type: Null possesses because[[Ruins of its iron mask as well as its incredible strength, Sun struggledConflict]] to defeatmeet his{{p|Tapu opponentKoko}}. AfterThere, Sun'she strategymet to[[Guzma]], getwho throughpraised Type: NullGladion's maskperformance fails,in Gladionthe angrilyIki tellsTown him to quit fooling aroundtournament and beginsoffered to question Sun's motivations for participating. Angered by Gladion's attitude, Sun angrily declares that he hashim a goaljob heas needsan toEnforcer accomplish. As he does this, the cast on Sun's arm unravels, revealing afor [[SparklingTeam StoneSkull]] underneath. AGladion powerfulimmediately energyaccepted, shootsbut outasked fromto theknow crack inabout the skyperson andGuzma landsmentioned onwhen thehe Sparklingleft Stoneduring beforethe movingtournament. towardsGuzma Sun'sfeigned {{p|Litten}},ignorance {{adv|Dollar}}.about Thehis energyearlier powersstatement upand Dollar'shad {{m|Ember}},Gladion allowingfollow ithim to create[[Po a powerful {{mTown|InfernoTeam Overdrive|seaSkull's of flames}} that defeats Type: Nullhideout]]. The strain of the attack causes Sun to pass out as he wonders just what move it was that Dollar used.
AfterwardIn ''[[PASM11|Homecoming and the Brilliant Professional Golfer]]'', aSun defeatedand GladionMoon leavesfound Ikian Town.injured Realizing[[Kiawe]], thatwho hewas lostattacked hisby chanceGladion in order to meetlearn withwhere the [[guardianRuins deities|tapuof Life]] were located. After healing Kiawe, the three traveled to the ruins, where they found Gladion decidestrying to findtake {{p|Tapu Lele}}, who was healing from injuries it sustained from an earlier clash with a place{{p|Xurkitree}}. Realizing Gladion wanted Tapu Lele to trainhelp himselffight sooff thatthe heUltra mayBeasts, beMoon fullysuggested preparedthey work together. Sun refused to faceteam up with someone who works for villains and decided to defeat him with his newly-mastered Z-Move. Due to not having a Z-Ring, Sun attempted to borrow Kiawe's, but it was destroyed by Type: Null before he could take it. Although Gladion claimed Sun wouldn't have won even with the Z-Move, a voice appeared, claiming that Gladion wouldn't have destroyed the Z-Ring if he believed that. The voice is revealed to be [[Ultra BeastKahili]]s, who has her Pokémon distract Type: Null before delivering Sun his own Z-Ring.
In ''[[PASM08PASM13|GoingUnleashing Ashorethe and Neighboring AkalaIncredible IslandZ-Move]]'', heSun travelsand toDollar thefired [[Ruinsa ofperfected Conflict]]Inferno Overdrive at Type: Null, causing its mask to trycrack. andAfter meetswitching withfor {{p|Tapu KokoPorygon}}, onlySun to find [[Guzma]] there. Guzma praises Gladion's skills attried the tournamentZ-Move andagain, offersbut himfailed, aleading jobto asDollar's andefeat. EnforcerGladion forgave Teamup Skull.on ToTapu Guzma's surpriseLele, Gladiondeclaring immediatelyit accepts,too but wishesweak to knowhelp abouthim with the personUltra GuzmaBeasts. mentioned whenAs he left, duringGladion therevealed tournament.that Guzmasomething feignsmust ignorancebe about his earlier statement and tells Gladiontrying to followbreak himinto totheir [[Shadyworld House|Teamthrough Skull'sthe hideout]]wormholes.
In ''[[PASM11|Homecoming and the Brilliant Professional Golfer]]'', Sun and Moon traveled to [[Memorial Hill]], where they find a defeated [[Kiawe]] lying on the ground, unconscious. Kiawe reveals that Gladion attacked him in order to get info on the location of the [[Ruins of Life]], where {{p|Tapu Lele}} resides. In ''[[PASM12|The Wild Full-Power Pose of Fire]]'', the three travel to the ruins, where they encounter Gladion, who managed to find and easily kidnap Tapu Lele. Moon reveals that Tapu Lele must be resting from the injuries it sustained when it fought a {{p|Xurkitree|mysterious creature}} that emerged above [[Lush Jungle]]. When asked by Moon about his intentions, Gladion reveals that he intends on capturing the guardian deities. Moon assumes Gladion must need the deities to fight off the Ultra Beasts and suggests that they work together. Sun refused to work with someone who chooses to work with villains and decides to defeat Gladion with his newly learned Z-Move.
Due to not possessing a Z-Ring yet, Sun is forced to borrow Kiawe's Z-Ring, but it is destroyed by Gladion's Type: Null before he can receive it. Gladion reveals that he was forced to forfeit the Iki Town tournament due to Hala discovering that Sun obtained a Sparkling Stone from Tapu Koko. Although Gladion claims that Sun wouldn't have won even with the Z-Move, a voice appears and points out that if Gladion truly believed that, he wouldn't have destroyed Kiawe's Z-Ring. The voice is revealed to be [[Kahili]], who uses her Pokémon to attack Type: Null before sending Sun a Z-Ring created by Hala. Sun puts on the Z-Ring and prepares to use it to defeat Gladion.
In ''[[PASM13|Unleashing the Incredible Z-Move]]'', the attack succeeds, causing Type: Null's mask to start breaking. Gladion, fearing what would happen if the mask shatters completely, switches out for his Porygon. Sun attempts Inferno Overdrive again, but the attack fails, leading to Dollar's defeat. Gladion decides to give up on capturing Tapu Lele, calling it too weak to help him fight the mysterious creatures. Gladion reveals that the cracks in the sky are not an opening but an exit, and that something must be trying to break free into their world.
In [[PASM14]], Gladion traveledarrived toat [[Po Town]], Team Skull's base of operations. There, he was attacked by the Team Skull Admin, [[Plumeria]], who wanted to see if Gladion was skilled enough to be an Enforcer. Though Gladion provesproved to be strong enough for the rolehimself, his negative attitude angersangered Plumeria to the point where she refusesrefused to accept him as a true member of Team Skull. When Plumeria tellstold Gladion to follow her, Gladion compliescomplied, but iswas momentarily distracted when a {{p|Zygarde}} {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Zygarde|Core}} jumpsjumped past him.
In [[PASM19]], Gladion appeared at Po Town, where he found Guzma using three Ultra Beasts to attack the [[Trial Captain]]s and Hau. Gladion demanded that Guzma reveal who gave him the beasts as well as the {{p|Cosmog}} he used to open an [[Ultra Wormhole]]. Guzma, annoyed at the accusation that someone is controlling him, sent out his {{p|Golisopod}} to attack, but Gladion managed to dodge it. When Guzma asked to know why Gladion agreed to join Team Skull, he revealed that his true goal is to destroy the Ultra Beasts.
Gladion had Type: Null battle the beasts Guzma summoned, and due to its nature as a Pokémon specifically designed to fight Ultra Beasts, Type: Null was able to inflict more damage on the beasts when the Captains' Pokémon were barely able to make a scratch. Gladion revealed to everyone that Type: Null was created by the [[Aether Foundation]] and that [[Lusamine]], the Aether Foundation's president, is just using Guzma to fuel her desire to create a paradise for herself and the Ultra Beasts she loves so much. Guzma rejected Gladion's accusation, but was captured by a {{p|Nihilego}} before he can finish talking. Moon tried to rescue Guzma, but was stopped by a {{p|Xurkitree}}, allowing Nihilego to drag Guzma into an Ultra Wormhole. Afterward, the other Ultra Beasts escaped from Po Town's barrier, allowing them to wreak havoc on the rest of [[Ula'ula Island]]. When the Captains asked Gladion what they can do to help, he refused to answer due to them claiming that his statements on Lusamine's motives were just lies. He then states that they wouldn't be able to fight the beasts regardless and rides off on Type: Null.
Later, Gladion,In [[Professor KukuiPASM19]], [[Molayne]],Gladion [[Sophocles]],appeared andat [[Acerola]]Po foughtTown offto abattle {{p|Celesteela}}the andUltra {{p|Guzzlord}}Beasts atthat Guzma summoned with the {{rtp|10|AlolaCosmog}} tohe prevent themreceived from reachingthe [[HokulaniAether ObservatoryFoundation]],. whichGladion revealed Guzma was being used as a shelter for those caught up inby the Ultra Beasts' rampage. While Type: Null easilyAether defeatedFoundation Celesteelapresident, Gladion was momentarily distracted when [[LillieLusamine]], appearedso andshe calledcould outcreate toa him.paradise Takingfor theherself opportunity,and Guzzlordthe leaptUltra inBeasts toshe attackcovets. Lillie,Guzma onlyrejected toGladion's beaccusation, easilybut swattedwas awaycaptured by Type: Null, who evolved into a {{p|SilvallyNihilego}} whileand dragged doinginto a sowormhole. LillieThe revealedother thatUltra threeBeasts monthsescaped agofrom Po Town's barriers, sheallowing stolethem [[Nebby]]to andwreak ranhavoc awayon fromthe rest of [[AetherUla'ula ParadiseIsland]]. afterWhen Lusaminethe triedCaptains toasked useGladion Nebby'show powerthey forcould herhelp, ownGladion goals.refused Whento Lilliehelp revealedand shesaid alsothey stolewouldn't abe [[Sunof Flute]]any fromuse Lusamine,before Gladionriding decidedoff thatwith theyType: should head towards the AltarNull.
GladionIn and[[PASM22]], Lillie later arrived onGladion, [[PoniProfessor IslandKukui]], where they passed through [[Poni WildsMolayne]], on their way to the Altar. As they traveled[[Sophocles]], Gladion told Lillie about theand [[Legendary PokémonAcerola]] offought theoff sun and moon,a {{p|SolgaleoCelesteela}} and {{p|LunalaGuzzlord}}. Heat also{{rt|10|Alola}} revealedto hisprevent planthem onfrom obtainingreaching the[[Hokulani twoObservatory]], Pokémonwhich andwas havingbeing themused helpas hima destroyshelter thefor Ultrathose Beasts.caught Whenup Lilliein suggestedthe gettingUltra Sun,Beasts' Moon,rampage. andWhile theType: othersNull toeasily helpdefeated themCelesteela, Gladion refused,was asmomentarily hedistracted believedwhen they[[Lillie]] wereappeared tooand called out ofto thehim. loopTaking ofthe theiropportunity, familyGuzzlord troublesleapt in to beattack ofLillie, anyonly Lilliebe attemptedeasily toswatted argueaway againstby Type: thisNull, onlywho toevolved beinto interrupted bya {{p|XurkitreeSilvally}} appearingwhile anddoing attackingso. themLillie both.revealed Asthat Silvallythree andmonths Xurkitreeago, fought,she stole [[Nebby]] flewand outran ofaway Gladionfrom [[Aether Paradise]] after Lusamine tried to use Nebby's handspower andfor intoher theown skygoals. When Lillie revealed she also stole a [[Sun Flute]] from Lusamine, whereGladion itdecided metthat withthey anothershould {{p|Cosmoem}}head towards the [[Poni Altar]].
AfterIn Xurkitree was defeated[[PASM23]], Gladion and Lillie mettraveled up with Sun andthrough [[HapuPoni Island]]. HapuGladion revealed thathe theplanned Sunon Flutegetting isthe partLegendary ofPokémon a{{p|Solgaleo}} pairand with{{p|Lunala}} theto [[Moonhelp Flute]]him indestroy herthe possessionUltra Beasts. WhileAs Gladionthey wastraveled, unablea to{{p|Xurkitree}} getappeared theand Sunattacked Flutethem. toGladion makeand anySilvally soundsfought Xurkitree, Sunbut managedNebby toflew successfullyout playof it.his Thehands fourand guardianmet deitieswith thenanother appeared{{p|Cosmoem}}. After Xurkitree was defeated, Lillie and tookGladion Sunmet towith theSun and [[Poni AltarHapu]]. alongThey withlearned that the Sun and [[Moon FlutesFlute]]s were a pair meant to played at the Poni Altar. Gladion,The Lillie,guardian deities of Alola appeared and Haputook thenSun proceededand both flutes to followthe Poni Altar while Lillie, Gladion, and Hapu chased after them.
OnceIn they arrived at their destination[[PASM25]], Gladion and Lillie found [[Faba]] in battle withhelped {{FB|Salon Maiden|Anabel}}. Cornered,corner Fabaand wascapture defeated and captured[[Faba]]. After heading toAt the Altar, Gladion and the others found that Sun and Moon managed to evolve Nebby and the other Cosmoem into Lunala and Solgaleo, respectively. After Anabel explainedreceived whata thecall twofrom LegendaryLooker, Pokémonwho aretold and their connection with Cosmog, Lillie revealedher that thea Aetherlarge Foundationnumber hadof beenUltra abusingBeasts Nebbymade totheir force itway to createPoni wormholesIsland. SheWhile tookMoon, NebbyGladion, toAnabel, saveand it,Hapu butfought wasoff completelythe unawarebeasts, that thereSolgaleo was apossessed secondby Cosmoga the{{p|Necrozma}} entirethat time.appeared Shortly after, Anabel receivedfrom a callwormhole. fromNecrozma [[Looker]],grabbed whoSun reportedand thatdragged ahim largeinto numberthe ofwormhole, Ultraforcing BeastsMoon haveand madeLunala theirto waychase toafter Poni Islandthem.
WhileSix Gladion,months Moon,after Anabel,the andPoni HapuIsland foughtincident, offLusamine thedisappeared beasts,while SunFaba chosehad managed to confronttake Fabacontrol about returning the islandof the Aether Foundation, tookrunning fromit hislike a dictatorship. At the [[Sun'sAether great-grandfather|great-grandfatherHouse]]., During[[Wicke]] thetold conversation,Gladion Fabaand revealedLillie thethat islandLusamine was givenfound toon Sun'sPoni great-grandfatherIsland fromplaying with a membergroup of theUltra FoundationBeasts. When Gladion andsuggested Lilliegoing heardto this,get they had an idea who it could beLusamine, but werewas interruptedtold byto astay largerbehind thanas usualhe Ultrahadn't Wormholefully appearingrecovered withfrom athe {{p|Necrozma|hand}}injuries emerginghe sustained from it.being Theexposed handto tookthe controlenergy offrom SolgaleoSilvally's bodyevolution. TheWicke possesseddecided Solgaleothe grabbedbest Sunoption withwas itsfor tailher andto jumpedreturn intoto theAether wormhole.Paradise Nebby,and withgather Mooninformation stillbefore onmaking itstheir head,next activatedmove. its third eye and flew into the wormhole.
Six months after the Poni Island incidentLater, LusamineGladion disappearedwas whiletold Fababy hadLillie managedthat totheir take control of the Aether Foundationfather, running it like a dictatorship. At the [[Aether HouseMohn]], onwas Ula'ulastill Island,alive. [[Wicke]]Lillie tolddecided Gladionto go and Lillie thattell Lusamine wasthe foundgood onnews Poniin Islandhopes playingthat withshe awould groupreturn ofto Ultraher Beastsold self. GladionBefore suggestedshe going to get Lusamineleft, butGladion wasencouraged toldLillie to staymeet behindwith astheir hemother hadn'tas fullyher recoveredtrue fromself, the injuries he sustained from being exposed tonot the energyLillie fromLusamine Silvally's evolution. Wicke decided the best option was forwanted her to returnbe. to Aether Paradise and gather information before making their next move.