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In [[PSs1]], Gold and Red go to train on [[Mt. Silver]], with Pibu being trained by his father. However, he was quickly kidnapped by a wild {{p|Venusaur}} and {{p|Poliwrath}}, who injured Gold, forcing Red and Pika to get Pibu back alone. After a brief struggle, Pika defeated the two Pokémon and rescued his son. Later, the group rested at Red's house, where Red revealed that the Super Rising Thunder technique that Pibu used to defeat Pryce was actually the move Volt Tackle. Red then lent Gold his electricity-insulating gloves so that he and Pibu could practice using Volt Tackle.
==={{chap|FireRed & LeafGreen}}===
Pibu appeared in a fantasy in ''[[PS287|Secrets from Sneasel]]'', where Yellow talks to Chuchu about reuniting with Pika.