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Ditto (Pokémon)

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Ditto first became available in {{g|GO}} on November 23, 2016, disguised as other {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} in the {{pkmn2|wild}}. Players will only find out whether a Pokémon is a Ditto if successfully [[caught Pokémon|captured]], upon which a cutscene will show the Pokémon transforming back into Ditto. Wild Ditto can only be disguised as Pokémon whose {{pkmn2|Shiny}} forms are not currently available.
As of March 2019, a wild Ditto may be disguised as any of the following species:
* {{p|Zubat}}
* {{p|Venonat}}
* {{p|Paras}}
* {{p|Sentret}}
* {{p|Hoothoot}}
* {{p|Ledyba}}
* {{p|Yanma}}
* {{p|Remoraid}}
* {{p|Whismur}}
* {{p|Gulpin}}
Prior to the release of their Shiny forms, wild Ditto may have also been disguised as these species:
* {{p|Pidgey}}
* {{p|Rattata}}
* {{p|Mankey}}
* {{p|Gastly}}
* {{p|Zigzagoon}}