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Platinum's Empoleon

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[[File:Platinum Prinplup Contest.png|thumb|right|200px|As a Prinplup after winning a Super Contest]]
In ''[[PS387|Striking Out Snover]]'', Empoleon participated in Platinum's battle against [[Candice]], fighting against her {{p|Snover}}. With a powerful {{m|Metal Claw}} Empoleon quickly defeats Snover, but is soon knocked out by Snover's {{m|Seed Bomb}} which it fired earlier, resulting in a tie.
During the battle against [[Jupiter]] in ''[[PS396|Getting Past Gastrodon]]'', Empoleon was sent out to battle against Jupiter's {{p|Sableye}} but she was quickly defeated.
In ''[[PS405|Shorting Out Electivire]]'', when Platinum was trying to convince [[Volkner]] to train her, [[Maylene]], and Candice, Empoleon fought against his {{p|Raichu}}. Even though she managed to trap it in ice with Blizzard, Raichu managed to free itself with a [[Berry]] and defeated Empoleon with {{m|Thunderbolt}}. After Volkner accepts, Empoleon battled his {{p|Electivire}} and manages to win, earning Platinum her final [[Badge]].