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Johto Route 34

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Route description
The route is essentially straightforward after exiting Ilex Forest. There is a path where no long grass grows; however, it is filled with many Trainers. This road can be difficult if a Trainer doesn't go back to [[Azalea Town]] to heal their Pokémon after facing his/her {{ga|Silver|rival}} in the forest.
The Day Care, run by an old couple, is one of the most prominent things located here. Found merely steps away from the famous [[Goldenrod City]], this center allows for [[Egg Group|compatible]] male and female Pokémon to {{pkmn|breeding|breed}} and produce an {{pkmn|Egg}}. It also allows Trainers to leave up to two of their Pokémon to level up, costing like other [[Pokémon Day Care]]s, {{PDollar}}100 plus an additional {{PDollar}}100 per level up for each Pokémon. In the [[Generation II]] games, the {{player}} can enter the Day Care's backyard to interact with their Pokémon and surf or fish in the pond, but this is not possible in {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}} due to the Pokémon now being off-limits to the player in an area inside the Day Care itself.
After getting {{m|Surf}}, a secret area of the route is accessible. It has three {{tc|Ace Trainer}} sisters: Irene, Jenn, and Kate, who the player will battle in that order in Generation II. In {{v|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}, Irene and Jenn will instead battle a Double Battle with the player.