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Original series
====[[Original series]]====
[[File:Ash Cyndaquil Debut.png|thumb|220px|left|As a Cyndaquil, in its debut]]
Quilava first appeared as a {{p|Cyndaquil}} in ''[[EP141|Good 'Quil Hunting]]''. On the way to [[Azalea Town]], Ash heard from a {{pkmn|Trainer}} named [[Koji]] that the forest he and his friends were traveling through was populated with Cyndaquil. Ash decided to search for one, but he was separated from his friends and chased into a cave by {{TRT}}. While running through the cave Ash found Cyndaquil. The two of them were attacked by [[Team Rocket's mechas|Team Rocket's mecha]], but Cyndaquil unleashed a powerful {{m|Flamethrower}} to defeat it. The mecha began to explode, so Ash threw a Poké Ball to catch Cyndaquil in an effort to protect it from the blast. Cyndaquil was successfully caught, even though Ash hadn't really intended to do so. Koji then reappeared and challenged Ash to a battle for ownership of Cyndaquil. Even though {{an|Misty}} and {{an|Brock}} told Ash that Cyndaquil was rightfully his and he didn't have to battle for it, Ash accepted the challenge. Cyndaquil, despite having a disadvantage, was able to use its speed and Tackle attack to defeat Koji's Sandslash. Koji then decided to try to steal Cyndaquil anyway in a net, only to get badly burned when the Pokémon used a Flamethrower at him.
[[File:Ash Cyndaquil Bugsy Scyther.png|thumb|220px|Cyndaquil coming down for an aerial attack on Scyther]]
In ''[[EP144|Gettin' The Bugs Out!]]'', Ash used Cyndaquil as his first Pokémon in his [[Azalea Gym]] Battlebattle, going up against [[Bugsy]]'s {{p|Spinarak}}. Although Misty thought Cyndaquil was a good choice, it was tired and its flame wasn't ignited. After using its agility to dodge Spinarak's {{m|String Shot}}, Bugsy had Spinarak used String Shot on the whole field, getting Cyndaquil's feet stuck. Ash tried to get Cyndaquil to use Flamethrower, but it didn't work, with Ash noticing that it must take time for Cyndaquil to warm up. Spinarak then hit Cyndaquil with {{m|Poison Sting}}, just as it was about to hit Cyndaquil with another one, Ash recalled Cyndaquil back and chose {{AP|Chikorita}}. Later it went up against Bugsy's last and most powerful Pokémon, his {{TP|Bugsy|Scyther}}. Cyndaquil was still unable to light its flame, and {{p|Scyther}} used {{m|Fury Cutter}}, which was easily dodged by its agility. Scyther then used {{m|Double Team}}, and Cyndaquil finally became able to use its flames and launched Flamethrower, destroying all the clones. Despite this the real Scyther used {{m|Swords Dance}} like a fan to block Flamethrower. It then hit Cyndaquil with {{m|Slash}}. After realizing normal attacks wouldn't work, Ash came up with an idea. Scyther prepared to use Fury Cutter but Cyndaquil used Flamethrower. Bugsy called it a bad idea and used Swords Dance, but Ash then had Cyndaquil jump instead and use Flamethrower directly above Scyther as the Swords Dance fan wouldn't work. It then finished Scyther off with Tackle, winning Ash the battle and earning him the {{badge|Bug}}.
Cyndaquil's sluggish battle skills were overcome in ''[[EP152|Hot Matches!]]'', where it was outclassed by [[Miki]]'s {{p|Skarmory}}. Ash trained with Cyndaquil, raising its attack and speed, and it also learned how to ignite the flames on its back at will whilst fending off wild {{p|Beedrill}}. In a rematch, Cyndaquil took down Skarmory with Flamethrower.
===={{series|Diamond & Pearl}}====
[[File:Ash Quilava no flame.png|thumb|250px|Quilava without its flames lit]]
Ash called Cyndaquil back into his party for the [[Lily of the Valley Conference]] in ''[[DP182|An Old Family Blend!]]''. It was separated from Ash along with {{AP|Snorlax}}, Bayleef, {{AP|Totodile}}, and {{AP|Corphish}} when Team Rocket attempted to steal them. While trying to find and reunite with Ash, Cyndaquil was attacked by one of [[Team Rocket's mechas]]. In the battle against Team Rocket, Cyndaquil demonstrated that it had learned the move {{m|Flame Wheel}} during its time at the lab. Despite its new attack, Cyndaquil was having trouble defeating the robot. Cyndaquil then evolved into {{p|Quilava}} and used its new Eruption attack to destroy their mecha.
In the [[DP183|following episode]], Quilava was the second Pokémon Ash used to battle [[Nando]] in the first round of the [[Lily of the Valley Conference]] after {{AP|Staraptor}}. Quilava went up against Nando's powerful {{p|Armaldo}}, and during the battle it was revealed that it had learned Aerial Ace. When Quilava's Aerial Ace and Armaldo's {{m|X-Scissor}} hit each other, Armaldo went down first. Quilava smiled to itself but then fainted, thus both Pokémon were knocked out.