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Pokémon eating other Pokémon
* {{p|Omastar}}'s fangs allow it prey on {{p|Shellder}}
* {{p|Furret}} is hunting {{p|Rattata}}
* {{p|Spinarak}} catches its prey in the web, it prefers {{p|Cutiefly}}
* {{p|Sneasel}} drives bird Pokémon from their nests to steal unprotected eggs, {{p|Pidgey}} is its common victim
* {{p|Taillow}}, {{p|Swellow}}, and {{p|Starly}} prey on {{p|Wurmple}}
* {{p|Bruxish}} preys on {{p|Shellder}} and {{p|Mareanie}}
* {{p|Vanillite}} is the preferred prey of {{p|Glalie}}
{{p|Arbok}}, {{p|Kabutops}}, {{p|Aerodactyl}}, {{p|Spinarak}}, {{p|Ariados}}, {{p|Lanturn}}, {{p|Huntail}}, and {{p|Gorebyss}} are all known predatory Pokémon, though it is unclear what they prey on.
[[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness]] also touches on the predator-prey relationship between {{p|Swellow}} and {{p|Wurmple}}, with Wurmple of [[Team|Team Tasty]] worrying that Swellow, its teammate, will eat it. In [[Pokémon Snap]], several Meowth can also be seen chasing {{p|Pidgey}} at various points on the [[Pokémon Island Beach|Beach]]. Near the end of the course, one can be witnessed lurking around a Pidgey nest before it is {{m|Gust|attacked}} by the Pidgey which roost there.