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Johto Safari Zone

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[[File:Safari_Zone_CustomizationSafari Zone Customization.png|thumb|200px|right|The six areas of the Safari Zone]]
Like the {{safari|Hoenn}} in [[Hoenn]] and [[Great Marsh]] in [[Sinnoh]], the Johto Safari Zone has six areas, which are inhabited by different Pokémon. A feature unique to this Safari Zone, however, is the customization of these areas. Each of the six areas may be placed in any arrangement the player desires. This is a useful function, as it means the player does not have to traverse to the furthest area from the entrance to get the Pokémon living in it. This is taken even further due to the fact that there are 10 unique defaults from the moment the Safari Zone is unlocked.
===First Challenge===
When the player first visits the Safari Zone, its owner, [[Baoba]], will give the player their first challenge of finding and catching a {{p|Geodude}} inside of the Safari Zone. No matter which of the 10 possible default Safari Zone area set-ups is in use, the Peak Area where {{p|Geodude}} can be found is always the first area that the player enters.
===Second Challenge===
Three game-play hours after completion of the first challenge, [[Baoba]] will call the player and give them their second challenge. The point of this challenge is to get the player to use the Area Customizer, a machine that allows the player to move around and order the different areas of the Safari Zone. Using the Area Customizer to add the Desert Area, the player must catch a {{p|Sandshrew}}.
| Waterside
{{itemlist|Safari Ball|From the receptionist in the entrance building, to be used in the Safari Game, cannot be kept|HG=yes|SS=yes|display=[[Safari Ball]] ×30}}