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* This episode is featured on ''Volume 7: Bulbasaur'' from [[Viz Media]]'s {{OBP|Pokémon All-Stars|Region 1}} series.
* The plot for this episode was later reused for ''[[DP005|Gettin' Twiggy With It!]]'' in which a [[Ash's Torterra|Turtwig]] protected a hidden area for injured Pokémon and was aided by a woman, then was caught after deciding to go with Ash.
* The Surprised Pikachu Internet meme uses a screenshot from this episode.<ref>[ Surprised Pikachu] onInternet Knowmeme Youruses Meme</ref>a screenshot from this episode.
* Also, when Ash is guessing about what has happened to Brock, he speculates that he was picked up by pirates in the dub, while in the original he guesses that he was picked up by an ugly old hag washing clothes in the river.
* In the dub when Melanie asked Ash if he thought Bulbasaur would be a good addition to his team, Ash responded, "Boy, would he ever!" Melanie also says Ash will "take great care of him." Bulbasaur's gender wasn't stated in the original version.
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