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** Ash doesn't challenge [[Gym]]s for [[Badge]]s.
** Ash doesn't have a [[Gym Leader]] as a {{ashfr|traveling companion}}.
** Ash doesn't keepkeeps his [[Pokédex]] inoutside of his pocket.
** Not all of Ash's friends appear in every episode despite being a main character.
** All of Ash's friends own a walking Pokémon.
** Walking Pokémon, with a total of eleven.
** [[Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime‎|Recurring wild Pokémon‎]], with a total of at least 21.
* This series marks the first time when Ash has returned to [[Kanto]] in the middle of a regional {{pkmn|journey}}.
* This is the first series to feature in-person appearances by {{an|Misty}} and {{an|Jigglypuff}} since the {{series|Advanced Generation}} and {{an|Brock}} since the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}}.
* Like in the {{series|Advanced Generation}}, one of Misty's reappearance arcs takes place in [[Kanto]] and one in the region that is the series' current setting.
** He caught his first {{type|Steel}} Pokémon, with his {{AP|Meltan}}.
** He caught his first [[Mythical Pokémon]], also his Meltan.
* This is the last series to air in the {{wp|Heisei}} period, and the first series to air in the {{wp|Reiwa}} period.
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