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Kiawe (anime)

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Character: He didn't really get mad in this episode, just surprised to see him, and it was more towards the Revengers rather than Viren
Kiawe is a fan of {{type|Fire}} Pokémon, as evident in ''[[SM042|Alola, Kanto!]]'', when the Pokémon he wanted to see were all Fire types. He tends to cry when he gets excited, such as in ''Alola, Kanto!'', when he rode on top of a {{p|Rapidash}} and in ''[[SM023|Getting the Band Back Together!]]'', after watching the [[DJ Leo]] concert.
Ever since the events in ''The Young Flame Strikes Back!'', Kiawe has held a deep grudge against [[Viren]], the president of Rainbow Happy Resorts and the leader of the [[Revengers]], as he gets enraged whenever he sees him or hears his name being spoken, as shown in ''[[SM081|A Young Royal Flame Ignites!]]'' and ''[[SM085|The Long Vault Home!]]''.