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Effort values

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==Measuring EVs==
[[VitaminsVitamin]]s, {{cat|Friendship-raising Berries}}, and [[wing]]s all change a Pokémon's EVs until a limit is reached. They raise a stat by 10 EVs until it reaches 100, lower a stat by 10 EVs until it reaches 0, and raise a stat by 1 EV until it reaches 255, respectively. The amount of items that a Pokémon can consume is proportional to the number of EVs it has in its respective stat. For example, a Pokémon that can eat two [[Pomeg Berry|Pomeg Berries]] before its HP stops decreasing has between 11 and 20 EVs in HP.
If a Pokémon has the maximum 510 effort points, it can receive an {{DL|List of Ribbons in the games|Effort Ribbon}} ([[Generation III]], {{gen|IV}}, {{gen|VI}}, and {{gen|VII}}). This Ribbon will remain on the Pokémon even if its EVs are lowered such that it does not have 510 effort points.
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In {{g|Colosseum}}, [[Shadow Pokémon]] do not earn effort values from battling until they have been [[Purification|purified]], although [[vitaminsvitamin]]s can still be used on them.
===Generation IV===