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'''Zoey's Glameow''' (Japanese: '''ノゾミのニャルマー''' ''Nozomi's Nyarmar'') was [[Zoey]]'s first {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} seen in the {{pkmn|anime}}. It is also her main Pokémon.
In the semifinal round, Glameow was matched against [[Dawn's Buneary]]. Their battle began with Buneary using {{m|Ice Beam}}, which was grabbed by Glameow's Shadow Claw and used to create a stunning contrast that cost Dawn a few points. After that, Buneary used {{m|Bounce}} and Glameow decided to jump too, using its tail to leap higher than her and surprise her with Fury Swipes. It then used Iron Tail, but Buneary managed to stop the attack using her ears. Seeing this, Zoey ordered Glameow to spin its tail, making Buneary spin and sending her flying. Buneary fought back with Ice Beam, which Glameow managed to dodge. However, the {{type|Ice}} move froze the stage, making Glameow slip up and allowing Buneary to attack it with {{m|Dizzy Punch}} and Bounce. When Glameow was about to be hit by another Dizzy Punch, it used Shadow Claw to break the ice covering the stage, sending shards towards Buneary before using Iron Tail to make her hit the ground. Time ran out after that and Glameow won the battle on points, granting Zoey a place in the finals.
[[File:Zoey with Glameow.png|thumb|220px250px|Glameow and Zoey]]
In the Contest finals, Glameow battled [[Jessie|Jessilina]]'s {{TP|James|Carnivine}}. Although it was shown being squeezed by Carnivine's {{m|Bind}}, it managed to free itself and escape from a {{m|Bite}} attack with a Shadow Claw. After that it displayed its incredible {{stat|speed}} by using Fury Swipes, scratching Carnivine's face in quick succession and making the move look like multiple flashes of white light. It then dodged {{m|Bullet Seed}} and used Iron Tail to reduce Jessilina's points to zero, winning the match and giving Zoey the prestigious {{ci|Jubilife}} [[Ribbon]], her second Contest Ribbon overall.
In ''[[DP026|Getting the Pre-Contest Titters!]]'', Glameow was revealed to have defeated [[Kenny's Prinplup]] in the final round of a Pokémon Contest. It was in this Contestevent that Zoey won her first Ribbon.
In ''[[DP034|Buizel Your Way Out Of This!]]'', Glameow was sent out to battle a {{pkmn2|wild}} {{p|Buizel}} Zoey was trying to {{pkmn2|caught|catch}}. Its first move was a Shadow Claw, which Buizel easily dodged before fighting back with {{m|SonicBoom}}. Glameow managed to defend itself from SonicBoom by knocking the attack waves away with Fury Swipes. It then used its tail to jump up and evade Buizel's {{m|Water Gun}}. After that, it used Shadow Claw and Buizel responded with {{m|Aqua Jet}}. The two moves clashed in midair but Buizel's came out on top and Glameow was sent smashing into the ground. Buizel then used another Aqua Jet, rendering Glameow [[fainting|unable to battle]].
In ''[[DP055|Throwing the Track Switch]]'', Glameow was used in a practice Contest Battle against [[Dawn's Buizel]]. Thanks to its Contest experience, it was able to use all of Buizel's moves to favor itself. It started by using Iron Tail to dissipate Buizel's Water Gun into glittering droplets. It then used Shadow Claw to defend itself from Buizel's Aqua Jet. However, contrasting the last time the two Pokémon clashed using these moves, Glameow emerged unharmed and looking appealing. The battle was called off after that as Zoey noticed that Buizel was paying more attention to {{Ash}}'s [[Gym]] {{pkmn|training}} than to Dawn's Contest preparation.
[[File:Zoey and Glameow.png|thumb|left|220px250px|Zoey comforting Glameow after a defeatloss]]
In ''[[DP079|Strategy with a Smile!]]'', Glameow was called out to battle [[May's Beautifly]] in the semifinals of the [[Wallace Cup]]. Even though it started the battle being hit by Beautifly's strong {{m|Silver Wind}}, Glameow managed to reduce May's points by using its spring-shaped tail to jump. It then evaded a {{m|Psychic}} attack and used Shadow Claw, which Beautifly gracefully dodged. However, the real objective of the {{type|Ghost}} move was to hit the pool and raise a curtain of water, taking advantage of the water battlefield. Following this, Glameow used the water surrounding Beautifly to conduct its Shock Wave and hit the Butterfly Pokémon hard. It proceeded with Iron Tail, but Beautifly used Silver Wind towards the pool and another curtain of water was raised, leading Glameow to be caught off guard and surprised with Psychic. Afterwards, Beautifly healed itself with a beautiful {{m|Morning Sun}} and used a speedy {{m|Aerial Ace}}. Glameow responded this with a Shadow Claw and the two Pokémon collided center stage just as the time ran out. Glameow lost the battle on points, eliminating Zoey from the competition.
==Personality and characteristics==
Zoey cared for Glameow ever since she was young. Despite her parents' protest in keeping Glameow, Zoey still wanted to be with it, as she refused to give up Glameow to the [[Pokémon Center]] in [[Snowpoint City]] as her parents had instructed her to do. After Zoey was old enough to go on hera [[Pokémon journey]], Glameow served as her [[starter Pokémon]] and was relied on numerous Contests[[Pokémon Contest]]s in which it was able to win them for Zoey. Glameow has also shown great faith in its Trainer, following all of Zoey's commands without question.
==Moves used==