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The '''Belly''' (Japanese: '''{{j|おなか}}''' ''stomach'') is a hunger statistic in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. As the team leader explores a [[Mystery Dungeon|dungeon]], its Belly will diminish as turns go by, represented by a number decreasing from 100. Holding certain {{OBP|Scarf|Mystery Dungeon|scarves}} and looplets will cause the Belly to decrease more quickly. Walking one step or taking most other actions (such as attacking, using a non-linked move, or using a non-food item) takes 1/10{{sup/md|RB}}{{sup/md|TDS}}{{sup/md|GtI}}1/7{{sup/md|SMD}} belly point (by default; certain scarves and looplets increase or decrease the rate, as mentioned), using linked moves consumes 1 Belly point per move after the first, pushing other Pokémon takes a half belly point, and performing aliances[[Alliance]]s takes three belly points. Other items will cause the Belly to deplete at a much slower rate, or not deplete at all. While a Pokémon's Belly is empty, it will no longer be able to run or perform linked moves or alliancesAlliances, its passive HP regeneration will cease, and its HP will decrease by 1{{sup/md|RB}}{{sup/md|TDS}}{{sup/md|GtI}}/3{{sup/md|SMD}} with every step it takes until it either [[Fainting|faints]] or eats something.
In [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity|Gates to Infinity]], this feature was removed for most dungeons, but the mechanic returned in all dungeons in {{pkmn|Super Mystery Dungeon}}.