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[[File:Lily Kalos.png|thumb|250px|Lily]]
'''Lily''' (Japanese: '''リリー''' ''Lily'') is a minor recurring character in the [[Pokémon anime]]. She is a [[Pokémon Performer]] who first appeared in ''[[XY091|A Performance Pop Quiz!]]''.
Lily first appeared in ''[[XY091|A Performance Pop Quiz!]]'', where she competed in the [[Anistar City]] [[Pokémon Showcase]] Rookie Class. For the first round, she was placed in a group with {{an|Serena}} and [[Nini]], with the theme of the round being a Pokémon quiz. She and her {{p|Solrock}} didn't manage to win, as Serena proceeded to the Freestyle Performance.
She reappeared inIn ''[[XY101|A Dancing Debut!]]'', where sheLily competed in the {{to|Couriway}} Showcase Rookie Class and lost the Theme Performance.
Lily appeared again inIn ''[[XY105|Party Dancecapades!]]'', where sheLily attended a dance party hosted by [[Monsieur Pierre]].
In ''[[XY112|Master Class Is in Session!]]'', sheLily competed in the {{ci|Gloire}} Pokémon Showcase Master Class, but she was eliminated before the semifinals.