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Medium Slow
====Medium Slow====
[[File:Expcalc mslow.png|thumb|358px|The equation for the Medium Slow experience group]]
The Medium Slow experience group, like the Medium Fast group, accounts for many Pokémon, containing the second largest amount of them. This group also contains all of the regional [[starter Pokémon]] trios. Requiring 1,059,860 experience points for a Pokémon to reach level 100, it is the only experience group whose level 100 experience is not evenly divisible by 10,000. Pokémon in this group level up relatively quickly in their lower levels, requiring only 11,735 experience to reach level 25 (as compared to 12,187 for Fluctuating, the second lowest requirement).
The {{wp|inflection point}} for this polynomial function is between levels 4 and 5 instead of at level 0. Thus, it actually takes more experience points to go from level 2 to 3 than it does to go from 4 to 5. Additionally, according to the function, level 1 Pokémon in this group are calculated to have -54 experience points. This causes the [[#Experience underflow glitch|experience underflow glitch]] in Generations I and II. For a list of all Pokémon in this group, see {{cat|Pokémon in the Medium Slow experience group}}.