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Sky Attack (move)

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===Generations I and II===
Sky Attack does nothing on the turn it is selected, other than sayingsay that the user is glowing. On the following turn, Sky Attack will deal damage, PP will be deducted from it, and it will count as the last move used. Once Sky Attack is selected, the user will not be able to switch out until it is disrupted or fully executed.
If Sky Attack is not fully executed, PP will not be deducted from it, and it will not count as the last move used. If the target uses {{m|Mirror Move}} during the turn that the user is glowing, Mirror Move will copy the move that the user executed immediately before using Sky Attack (or fail if it cannot).
===Generation III===
Sky Attack now has a 30% chance of causing the target to {{status|flinch}}. It also now has an increased [[critical hit]] ratio by +1 out of the maximum of +3.
===Generation IV===