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Arceus (Pokémon)

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Undo revision 2971805 by Frozen Fennec (talk)Shiny Arceus was distributed in Gen 6. The fact that it wasn't obtainable Shiny in Gen 4 I don't think is notable.
[[File:493-Unknown.png|thumb|???-type Arceus]]
* In the Generation IV games, there are sprites for ???-type Arceus, but this is not obtainable without [[cheating]], as there is no ??? [[Plate]].
** There are also 18 [[Shiny Pokémon|shiny sprites]] for each form of Arceus but as the only way to obtain Arceus in Generation IV was through a movie based event, the shiny versions of Arceus are also not obtainable without cheating.
* According to the anime dub's then-voice director [[Tom Wayland]], the dub chose to pronounce Arceus with {{wp|Hard and soft C|a hard ''c'' instead of a soft ''c''}} due to concerns over the latter pronunciation's potential {{wp|arse|implications}} in British English-speaking territories.
* Arceus has the highest base stat total of all {{type|Normal}} Pokémon.