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Sumire Morohoshi

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Biography: She became active at 2006, during which she should have been 6-7
Morohoshi was born on April 23, 1999, in {{wp|Ōi, Kanagawa}}, {{wp|Japan}}, and became a seiyū as ana adultchild. She joined the Pokémon anime at the age of 14, during the {{series|Best Wishes}}; she voiced the [[Genesect Army|Douse Drive Genesect]] in [[M16|the sixteen movie]]. She then went on to voice [[Acerola]]<!--, one of the [[Trial Captain]]s and [[Elite Four]]--> during the {{series|Sun & Moon}}. Morohoshi is currently affiliated with the theatrical company {{wp|Himawari Theatre Group}}.
==Pokémon roles==