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After arriving in [[Unova]], having being struck by blue lightning from a thundercloud and losing to [[Trip's Snivy]], {{AP|Pikachu}} is now in [[Professor Juniper]]'s lab, and is being excessively charged by electricity. {{p|Oshawott}} watches from outside the room, while the two Professors, {{an|Professor Oak}} and Professor Juniper, attempt to restore power to the lab's electronics. Meanwhile, a large blue lightning bolt continuously rains downwards, and the silhouette of the legendary Pokémon {{p|Zekrom}} is seen hiding within the clouds. Its wings glow bright blue and with a burst of energy, it flies up towards the sky.
Pikachu falls to all fours, screaming in pain. {{Ash}}, in an attempt to calm him down, immediately grabs Pikachu and is shocked by the electricity. Immediately, the blue lightning and the black clouds disappears suddenly and the sky is calm once again. Ash falls back onto the floor, and [[Delia Ketchum|his mom]] rushes to his side. Pikachu lies on the floor on his stomach, cheeks emitting sparks. The electronic systems in the lab then mysteriously regain power.