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DSi features
* The user-facing camera can be used during [[Xtransceiver]] communications with other players.
* The [[C-Gear]] shows the system power using three bars in a battery icon, rather than two on older Nintendo DS systems.
* PokémonThe Blackgame andicon White'sis game icon,animated when viewed inon the Nintendo DSi or 3DS' home screen, is animated; thescreen—the [[Poké Ball]] inside the game's icon wiggles.
* Japanese versions of Pokémon Black and White are region-locked;, itso can only be played on Japanese-region [[Nintendo DSi]] and [[Nintendo 3DS]] systems. They can,; however, bebecause freelythe played[[Nintendo onDS]] olderand [[Nintendo DS Lite|DS Lite]] do not support region-locking, they can be played on these systems fromregardless anyof region. The Korean and Western language releases, on the other hand, are not region-locked, andso can therefore be played on any compatible Nintendo DS or 3DS system fromregardless anyof region.