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Oranguru (anime)

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Personality and characteristics
Oranguru is a kind and helpful Pokémon, as it brought an unconscious Mallow to its bar and also attended to her injured knee. It also stepped in to help her free {{p|Steenee}} from Team Rocket.
Oranguru serves any customer that visits its bar, human or Pokémon. Its customers often visittake itadvantage of their visits to vent out their frustrations. However, Oranguru always remains friendly and understanding with its customers, and even comforts them, as shown in ''[[SM062|Acting True to Form!]]'' when it comforted Meowth. Despite its patient nature, Oranguru has been shown to sometimes get tired of its customers, as seen in the [[Poké Problem]] of [[SM087]], when it disapprovingly shook its head and sighed while seeing off its exhausted customers. [[SM121]] reveals that Oranguru uses various ingredients that are brought in by patrons of its bar as payment.
Oranguru has a good friendship with [[Abe]]. Abe has great respect for Oranguru, even referring to it as his teacher. He even decided to seek Oranguru's help in finding his daughter. While the two have a strong bond, Oranguru does not refrain from giving Abe a piece of its mind, as shown when it urged Abe to apologize to Mallow.