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At {{an|Professor Kukui}}'s house, {{Ash}} and his Pokemon are enjoying lunch. Kukui soon realizes that [[Professor Burnet]] and {{p|Munchlax}} have left their lunches behind. With Kukui needing to rush off to the Pokémon Battle Study Conference, Ash offers to deliver the lunches to [[Aether Paradise]]. Ash waves Kukui goodbye and as he goes to return to the house, a jet with {{an|Lillie}} on board arrives. [[Hobbes]] lands the aircraft and then he explains to Ash that [[Lusamine]] has been particularly busy since the [[Manalo Festival]] finished. Lillie adds that her mother considers the event as historic and apologizes for the short notice. Hobbes asks Ash if he could visit Lusamine to report his side of the story. Ash smiles and explains that the request was perfect timing as he was just about to go to Aether Paradise to deliver Burnet's lunch.
Ash, Lillie and Hobbes arrive at Aether Paradise, and {{TRT}} are also there, [[List of Team Rocket's disguises|disguised]] as {{tc|Aether Foundation Employee}}s. Team Rocket look forward to capturing the facility’s Pokemon, but their celebration is interrupted when [[Faba]] walks by. Faba turns back and interrogates Team Rocket for answers, fortunately for them, [[Wicke]] arrives on the scene and explains that she recently hired them as Conservation Area employees. As Faba walks off, Wicke hands [[Jessie]] a clipboard to begin counting the Pokémon. Jessie and her {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} enter the Conservation Area and records seven {{p|Sandile}}, five {{p|Sudowoodo}}, eight {{p|Boldore}}. Jessie turns to the enclosure behind her to check the {{p|Jigglypuff}} numbers, but she quickly becomes frightened when she realizes what Pokémon a Jigglypuff is. She is relieved to not see a particular {{an|Jigglypuff}} and continues her work. Elsewhere, a[[Grandpa {{pkmn2|wild}} {{p|Drampa}}Forest]] falls {{status|sleep|asleep}} after listening to Jigglypuff's {{m|sing}}ing. Enraged, Jigglypuff scribbles on the {{p|Drampa}}'s face with its microphone marker.
Back in Aether Paradise, [[James]] is quickly becoming exhausted from the scale of cleaning required to complete. He calls on {{TP|James|Mareanie}}'s assistance, and after poisoning James, Mareanie goes on to mop the floors with her tentacles. Meanwhile, {{MTR}} is taking a break and listening to several {{p|Whimsicott}} detail the relaxing life they enjoy at Aether Paradise. Meowth has a fantasy of {{an|Giovanni}} surrounded by the Aether Paradise Pokémon, and exclaims to the Whimsicott that they will enjoy living with the Boss.
* {{p|Bewear}} ({{an|Bewear|anime}})
* {{p|Solgaleo}} ([[Nebby]]; photos)
* {{p|Drampa}} ([[Grandpa Forest]])
* {{p|Lunala}} ({{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Lunala|anime}}; photos)
* {{p|Necrozma}} ({{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Necrozma|anime}}; {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Dusk Mane and Ultra Necrozma}}; photos)
* {{p|Braviary}}
* {{p|Jigglypuff}} (×6)
* {{p|Drampa}}
* {{p|Petilil}} (multiple; flashback)
* {{p|Pikipek}} (×4; flashback)