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Victini (Duel 576)

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'''Victini''' (Japanese: '''ビクティニ''' ''Victini'') is a figure in [[Pokémon Duel]]. It was made available and added to [[Time Booster]]s in version 7.0.7.
* Prior to version 7.0.10, this figure was exclusive to [[Time Booster]]s from [[League Match|Ultra League]] and higher.
{{a|Victory Star}} is an [[Ability]] in the [[Pokémon games]] that {{p|Victini}} can have. {{m|Fusion Bolt}}, {{m|V-create}}, {{m|Fusion Flare}}, and {{m|Searing Shot}} are all [[move]]s in the games that Victini can learn, the first three through {{pkmn2|event}}s. {{m|Shattered Psyche}} and {{m|Inferno Overdrive}} are [[Z-Move]]s in the games that Victini can use by equipping [[Psychium Z]] and [[Firium Z]], respectively.