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List of Pokémon by wild held item

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Item rarity
==Item rarity==
In most games, Pokémon have a 50% chance of appearing with a common item or a 5% chance of appearing with a rare item. If a Pokémon has the same item defined for both its common item and its rare item, it will appear with that item 100% of the time. In [[Generation V]], if some Pokémon, areif encountered in {{DL|tall grass|dark grass}}, they also have a 1% chance of appearing with a third item.
In {{game|Emerald}} and all games since [[Generation IV]], if a Pokémon with the Ability {{a|Compound Eyes}} leads the party (even if [[fainting|fainted]]), the chances of finding a wild Pokémon holding an item increase from 50%/5% to 60%/20% (in dark grass in Generation V, the chances becomes 60%/20%/5%).