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{{Ash}} and {{ashcl}} are out [[fishing]] for the day. {{an|Kiawe}} is becoming increasingly annoyed by the waiting involved, though {{an|Lillie}} reminds him that patience is the key. Suddenly {{an|Mallow}} feels a tug on her line and she reels in a {{p|Bruxish}}. {{Rotom}} takes a quick snap of the catch. Bruxish decides to let go of the line and proceeds to launch towards Mallow, luckily {{TP|Mallow|Tsareena}} kicks it away in time. Lillie soon hooks a {{p|Luvdisc}}. Meanwhile, {{an|Sophocles}} bides his time and watches his digital screen before pulling up his catch, a particularly large {{p|Pyukumuku}}. Sophocles's catch proves too heavy, and Pyukumuku latches onto Kiawe's face. Kiawe returns Pyukumuku back to the ocean, but is still frustrated that he can't fish anything. {{TP|Kiawe|Turtonator}} feels something tugging on its tail and pulls it up to reveal an {{p|Octillery}}, which only annoys Kiawe more. Sophocles notices that {{an|Lana}} and Ash are missing, but Lillie points them out in the distance. The pair are floating across the ocean in two of {{TP|Lana|Brionne}}’s bubbles. Ash calls for a race, and Lana accepts. Brionne promptly dives underwater and gives Lana a helpful push forward. Ash chases after her, leaving their friends wondering when the pair will eventually return.
Later on, Kiawe finally hooks something. However, it is particularly strong and begins to pull Kiawe towards the water. His friends and the Pokémon add their strength, but they continue to struggle. Kiawe finally heaves his catch out of the water, though thea {{p|Cloyster}}, out of the water but it immediately clamps onto Kiawe's head. Tsareena kicks Cloyster back into the depths, freeing Kiawe from suffocation.
Meanwhile, Lana and Ash are left exhausted from their race and take a moment to catch their breaths. Suddenly a giant whirlpool beings to swirl, sending the pair into the vortex. Brionne does its ample best to reach Lana, but a {{p|Kyogre}} swims passed them. In its wake, Lana and Ash are sent flying onto a rocky exposed reef, soon enough Brionne joins them ashore. Ash turns to see a steep cliff, so he and {{AP|Pikachu}} climb it with ease. With their heightened vantage point the pair spot a Kyogre staring back at them. Lana soon joins them and thrilled to see Kyogre. She suddenly notices that it glowing purple, red and blue as well as breathing heavily, so she assumes it must be unwell. The pair rush down and Pikachu is immediately concerned by Kyogre’s ill state. Lana grabs her fishing rod with one of [[Misty's special lure]]s attached to the end. Ash is initially surprised, but Lana explains that {{an|Misty}} sent her the lure recently. Lana attaches some bait to the lure, laced with [[Antidote]] to heal Kyogre's suspected {{status|poison}}ing. She throws out her line, but Kyogre doesn't take to it. Lana urges Kyogre to grab the bait when a {{p|Seismitoad}} attacks her.