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It is later revealed that in addition to being Giovanni's secretary, Matori is also an elite Team Rocket operative who leads her own special unit, the Matori Matrix. While leading this unit, she wears a standard Team Rocket uniform, but it is styled in a more militaristic fashion, with fancy, decorative shoulder-pads and the hat being down-turned and carrying the Matori Matrix insignia. In her role with the Matori Matrix, she is shown to be a serious, goal-oriented leader, dedicated to accomplishing her missions at any cost. Additionally, she also shows a vain and condescending personality, having the unit named after herself and dismissing the trio's offer to help. She appears to trust Gozu's advice, although she maintains her bossy demeanor and becomes even more irritable while lethargic due to the draining of Ultra Aura. She also has a reckless side, as seen when she hesitated to give up on pursuing the Ultra Guardians through an Ultra Wormhole, even though the Matori Matrix's airship was badly damaged.
Matori is shown to know when to cut her loses, as seen in [[SM122]] when she gave up attempting to bring {{an|Bewear}} back to [[Team Rocket Headquarters]] and instead kidnapped {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Stufful|anime}}. Bewear's rescue of Meowth subsequently resulted in Matori developing a fear of Bewear, as seen when she attempted to contact the trio, only for Bewear to answer.