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In ''[[AG100|Solid as a Solrock]]'', Ash used Pikachu and {{AP|Swellow}} in the [[Double Battle]] against [[Tate and Liza]] with their respective {{TP|Tate|Solrock}} and {{TP|Liza|Lunatone}}. However, Tate and Liza's teamwork began to crumble when Solrock's {{m|Solar Beam}} and Liza's {{m|Ice Beam}} accidentally collided with one another and canceled each other out, causing the twins to quarrel. Ash used this chance to recover, and had Pikachu and Swellow strike the opposing Pokémon with a respective Iron Tail and {{m|Aerial Ace}}. Both Meteorite Pokémon then charged towards Pikachu using Tackle, but Swellow was able to save him in time, causing Solrock and Lunatone to crash into each other. The battle then got interrupted by Team Rocket, who destroyed the Gym using their machine. Following Team Rocket's defeat, they all agreed to resume their battle outdoors. This time, the twins managed to put their differences aside and worked together as a team. At one point, Swellow dove down from the sky, with Pikachu onboard, to attack, but Solrock and Lunatone hit them with Solar Beam and Ice Beam. Ash thought about how to negate the dual attacks, and then had Pikachu use Thunder on the clouds. Lightning struck Pikachu and Swellow, which the two managed to endure. Once clear, Pikachu and Swellow were coated in a "Thunder Armor". Using this technique, Pikachu and Swellow managed to pierce through Solrock's Solar Beam and Lunatone's {{m|Light Screen}}, and managed to defeat them using Iron Tail and Aerial Ace, earning Ash the {{badge|Mind}}.
In ''[[AG101|Vanity Affair]]'', Ash used Pikachu against [[Hoenn Elite Four]] member [[Drake]]. Pikachu battled againstand his {{p|Shelgon}}. Pikachu used Thunderbolt and scored a direct hit. AsHowever, Pikachu went for a secondquickly Thunderboltlost, Shelgonwhich useddealt Double-Edgea andserious managedblow to dodge the attack.massive Dueego toAsh Shelgon'shad lowdeveloped {{stat|Speed}}, Pikachu easily dodgedat the attack with Quick Attack. When Pikachu was about to finish Shelgon off with Iron Tail, Shelgon had Pikachu come close, and then hit him hard with Dragon Breath. Shelgon then followed up with {{m|Dragon Claw}}, knocking Pikachu outtime.
In ''[[AG110|The Great Eight Fate!]]'', Ash chose Pikachu, along with hisand {{AP|Snorunt}} as his first two Pokémon in a Double Battle in the first round of his [[Sootopolis Gym]] battle. They went up against [[Juan]]'s {{p|Sealeo}} and Seaking. Pikachu used his Thunderbolt on SealeoEventually, but Seaking used {{m|Horn Drill}} to reflect it to Snorunt. Pikachuwas usedknocked Thunder,out butby Seaking's onceHyper againBeam, usedand HornAsh Drillsent toout reflect the attack to Snorunt againCorphish. HoweverSoon after, thisAsh time,had Pikachu protecteduse Snorunt,Iron taking most of the damage. Sealeo used BlizzardTail on the twoSeaking, dealingwhich muchdefeated damage toit. Pikachu. Then,then Ashrode hadon SnoruntCorphish's useback itsas Icyit Windheaded totowards freeze the BlizzardSealeo, creatingwho anfired icea pillar,series whichof blocked{{m|Ice Juan'sBall}} viewattacks. SealeoThe andtwo Seakingwere destroyedable theto pillarovercome withthem, their Aurora Beamhowever, and HyperCorphish Beamwas Thisto createddefeat iceit shards,with which Ash had Snorunt and Pikachu jump on. Snorunt then usedits {{m|HeadbuttCrabhammer}}, whilethus Pikachuending usedthe Ironfirst Tail.round Seakingof andthe SealeoSootopolis respondedGym usingbattle Hyperin BeamAsh's and Aurora Beamfavor. WhileBoth PikachuPokémon waswere ablethen to dodge Aurora Beam, Snorunt wasn't able to avoid the Hyper Beam and was knocked outrecalled.
AshIn then[[AG111|the sentnext outepisode]], hisPikachu Corphish.was Afterused dodgingas CorphishAsh's Bubblelast Beam,Pokémon bothin ofthe Juan'ssecond Pokémonround attackedof fromthe belowSootopolis withGym Sealeobattle. usingHe Aurorawent Beamup onagainst PikachuJuan's platform,last whichand hestrongest wasPokémon, able to dodge. Seaking attacked Corphish withhis {{mp|Horn AttackMilotic}}, butwhich Corphishkept wasnullifying ablethe todamage grabdealt itsby hornPikachu's attacks with Recover. HoweverEventually, SeakingMilotic usedwent Horn Drillunderwater, sendingmaking Corphish flying.both Ash then hadand Pikachu useunable Ironto Tailsee on Seakingit. DespiteMilotic Sealeothen tryingtried to stophitting Pikachu usingwith AuroraIron Beam,Tail Pikachu was able toin defeatan Seakingambush, asbut wellhe asdodged avoidit theand attackclimbed inonto time. Pikachu then rode on CorphishMilotic's backbody, headinggrabbed towardsonto Sealeo.its Sealeo tried stopping them using {{m|Ice Ball}}eyebrows, which got stronger with each attack. While Pikachu and Corphish managed to destroyflipped the firstTender threePokémon Ice Balls,into the fourth one managed to hit them bothwater. SealeoWhile then launched a fifth Ice Ball at them both.underwater, Pikachu launched aused Thunder at the Ice Ball, andknocking afterout increasing its powerMilotic, hewinning was able to break it. WhileAsh the falling ice shards were hurting Sealeobattle, Corphishand wasearning ablehim to defeat it with itsthe {{mbadge|CrabhammerRain}}, knocking it out, and ending the first round of the Sootopolis Gym battle in Ash's favor. Both Pokémon were then recalled.
In [[AG111|the next episode]], Pikachu was used as Ash's last Pokémon in the second round of the Sootopolis Gym battle, going up against Juan's last and strongest Pokémon, his {{p|Milotic}}. Ash had Pikachu use Thunder, and although it dealt a lot of damage, Milotic nullified the damage by using Recover. Both Pokémon then used Iron Tail, in which Milotic's overpowered Pikachu's. Milotic quickly followed up with Twister, which was powered up by the water. Much to Juan's surprise, Pikachu was able to break through with Thunder, and followed up with a powerful Quick Attack. Milotic then used Hydro Pump, which Pikachu dodged, and used a super-effective Thunderbolt. However, Milotic shook the attack off, and used Recover, healing itself once again. Milotic then went underwater, making both Ash and Pikachu unable to see it. Milotic then tried hitting Pikachu with Iron Tail, but he dodged it and climbed onto Milotic's body. Milotic tried stopping him using Hydro Pump, but he dodged the attack. Pikachu then grabbed onto its eyebrows and flipped the Tender Pokémon into the water. While underwater, Pikachu used Thunder, dealing major damage to Milotic, as water was an excellent conductor of electricity. This knocked out Milotic, winning Ash the battle and earning him the {{badge|Rain}}.
In ''[[AG118|Less is Morrison]]'', Ash used Pikachu in a 1-on-1 battle against his new rival [[Morrison]]. He faced [[Morrison's Beldum]]. At first, Pikachu had the upper hand as the only move Beldum knew was Take Down, which he easily dodged before retaliating with Quick Attack and Thunderbolt. Pikachu then dodged another Take Down, but this time Beldum reversed, and finally managed to hit Pikachu with its attack. After getting hit by a second Take Down, Pikachu used Iron Tail to counter another one, causing a big explosion which knocked both Pokémon out.