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==In spin-off games==
===Pokémon GO===
In {{g|GO}}, Pikachu wearing Ash's hat was obtainable in the {{pkmn2|wild}} during the game's 1st Anniversary celebration from July 6 - 21, 2017. Any {{p|Pichu}} whose {{pkmn|Egg}}s were obtained during this time would also be wearing this hat upon hatching. The Ash hat Pikachu was later again obtainable using the GO Snapshot feature from April 1 - 2, 2019, during which the player could spawn up to five of these [[List of Pokémon with form differences#Event Pokémon|Event Pokémon]] per day with the possibility it being {{pkmn2|Shiny}}.
Unlike in the core series, this special form is obtainable in both [[gender]]s and can be [[evolution|evolved]], with the cap being retained upon evolution.
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| class="roundy" style="background:#{{yellow color light}}" | Pichu<br>[[File:GO172O.png|100px]]<br><small>{{typecolor|Electric}}</small>
| class="roundy" style="background:#{{yellow color light}}" | Pikachu<br>[[File:GO025O.png|100px]]<br><small>{{typecolor|Electric}}</small>
| class="roundy" style="background:#{{yellow color light}}" | Raichu<br>[[File:GO026O.png|100px]]<br><small>{{typecolor|Electric}}</small>