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'''Celebi''' (Japanese: '''セレビィ''' ''Celebi'') is a major character who appeared in ''[[M13|Zoroark: Master of Illusions]]''.
==HistoryIn the movies==
Prior to the movie, businessman [[Grings Kodai]] discovered Celebi in [[Crown City]] and used his Pokémon to attack and knock out the Time Travel Pokémon when it tried to escape through the [[Time Ripple]]. Kodai then touched the Time Ripple that was produced due to Celebi's [[time travel]]ing, and as a result of this, he gained the ability to have powerful visions that show him the future. However, by touching the Time Ripple, he caused the flow of time to reverse in Crown City, destroying all of its greenery.
In the credits, Celebi is last seen emerging from the Time Ripple and disappearing into the depths of a forest.
===Personality and characteristics===
Celebi was shown to be an extremely friendly and loving Pokémon. It developed a close friendship with Zorua and could usually be seen playing with him. Because of their closeness they both did their best to protect each other from harm.
===Voice actors===
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|ja=釘宮 理恵 ''[[Rie Kugimiya]]''