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'''Joe''' (Japanese: '''ジョー''' ''Joe'') is a supporting character who appeared in ''[[M13|Zoroark: Master of Illusions]]'', and the grandfather of [[Karl]]. He is an old watchmaker who has lived in [[Crown City]] for his entire life.
==HistoryIn the movies==
Joe and {{OBP|Tammy|M13}}, a close friend of his, were first seen fleeing from the intense flames left behind by an {{p|Entei}} by taking refuge in Tammy's flower shop. All the while, they were unaware that the Entei was actually an illusion created by a {{OBP|Zoroark|M13}}. Joe later met up with his grandson [[Karl]], and joined everyone back to Tammy's shop for tea. There, he explained the legend of {{OBP|Legendary beasts|M13|the city's guardians}}, as well as the story of the disaster that befell Crown City twenty years prior. Tammy, like Joe, refused to evacuate like the other townspeople because they believed that the city's guardians would not seek to destroy Crown City, like the news had been claiming.
His suspicions proved to be correct, as he and Tammy later witnessed the real city's guardians {{pkmn|battle|battling}} against Zoroark. He then allowed Karl, {{Ash}}, {{ashfr}}, and [[Rowena]] to take shelter from [[Grings Kodai]] in Joe's house. There, he revealed that he helped construct the [[Pokémon Baccer World Cup]] countdown clocks in the city. They soon discovered Kodai's scheme to steal the [[Time Ripple]]'s power. Joe's information led Ash and his friends to the final countdown clock, hidden in the Pokémon Baccer Stadium gardens, where the Time Ripple was.
Joe and Tammy later joined Ash and his friends after they foiled Kodai's plot. He watched as {{OBP|Celebi|M13}} made several plants grow before it [[time travel]]led away. He was then among those who confronted Kodai and witnessed his arrest by [[Officer Jenny]]. Afterwards, he joined Ash, his friends, and Tammy at the seaport to see Karl, Rowena, {{OBP|Zorua|M13}}, and Zoroark set sail for the [[Unova]] [[region]].
Mightyena's only known move is {{m|Odor Sleuth}}.}}
==In the manga=Artwork===
Joe appears in the {{ma|Zoroark: Master of Illusions|manga adaptation of the thirteenth movie}}.
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===Voice Actorsactors===
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|ja=藤本譲 ''Yuzuru Fujimoto''
|pt_br=Zeca Rodrigues
|es_eu=Roberto Cuenca Martínez}}
==In the manga==
Joe appears in the {{ma|Zoroark: Master of Illusions|manga adaptation of the thirteenth movie}}.