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In the movies
As a young man, Grings Kodai traveled to Crown City after reading about its legends and history. In particular, he was interested in the city's relationship with {{p|Celebi}} and hoped to use the Pokémon's [[time travel]] abilities for his own ends. During an attempt to capture Celebi, Kodai ended up being connected through his capture device to Celebi's [[Time Ripple]] and absorbed its energy with the resulting shockwave completely wiping out all plant life in Crown City. Kodai found that, although he had failed to capture Celebi, he had managed to gain the power to see visions of the future. Using this new ability, Kodai quickly became a rich and successful businessman.
Twenty years later, Kodai realized that his ability to see the future was starting to fade. He became desperate to renew them so decided to return to Crown City (which had managed, through the hard work of its citizens, to recover from the earlier disaster) and find another Time Ripple and absorb its energy regardless of the cost. Deciding to use the [[Pokémon Baccer World Cup]] as a cover, Kodai announced that he was entering his own team -, the Nimbasa Legends, which containingcontained {{p|Raikou}}, {{p|Entei}}, and {{p|Suicune}}. The idea that Kodai was entering a team of [[Legendary Pokémon]] attracted a lot of interest, although they were in fact holograms.
Arriving in Crown City, Kodai blackmailed Zoroark into attacking Crown City in the guises of the Nimbasa Legends by threatening the safety of her child. Although Zorua managed to escape, this did not harm Kodai's plan, as Zoroark was unaware of that fact and Kodai could still use projections of Zorua to convince her.
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