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Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

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* The [[Alola Photo Club]] has been introduced, which allows players to take [[photography|photos]] with the Pokémon in their party. These photos can then be edited with stickers, posted to the [[Pokémon Global Link]], or saved to the 3DS's SD card. The player also has the option of doing an impromptu photo shoot after a Pokémon in their party [[evolution|evolves]].
* Two mini-games have been introduced, each one being mandatory to try out once during the main adventure:
** Mantine Surf is a new [[Poké Ride]] and minigame accessible from [[Big Wave Beach]] on [[Melemele Island]], [[Heahea Beach]] on [[Akala Island]], [[Ula'ula Beach]] (formerly Secluded Shore) on [[Ula'ula Island]], and [[Poni Beach]] on [[Poni Island]]. The minigame, in addition to transporting players to other islands, allows them to earn [[Battle PointsPoint]]s by executing tricks off the ocean waves and earning points.
** [[Ultra Warp Ride]] allows the player to traverse [[Ultra Space]] on the back of a {{p|Solgaleo}} or {{p|Lunala}}, allowing them to explore the [[Ultra Space Wilds]] to find non-regional Pokémon and visit the homeworlds of [[Ultra Beast]]s. By absorbing energy, they can travel more {{wp|light-years}} through space, increasing their chance of finding rarer, even {{Shiny}} Pokémon. This also includes the chance of encountering all the past [[Legendary Pokémon]] (excluding {{p|Zygarde}}), though many are version-exclusive, or require trade to encounter the third member of their set.
* The [[Zygarde Cube]] sidequest has been mostly removed, as the player now only needs to capture a 50% Forme Zygarde in [[Resolution Cave]] during the postgame, and meet and battle Dexio and Sina on {{rt|16|Alola}} to get another Zygarde in its 10% Forme and a Zygarde Cube with 40 cells, allowing them to combine both Zygarde and cells into a {{a|Power Construct}} Zygarde immediately afterwards.