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Hidden Power (move)

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Pokémon GO: adding more details regarding Hidden Power
===[[Pokémon GO]]===
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While Hidden Power is a {{type|Normal}} move in the game data, its actual type varies between individual Pokémon and is visible on the status screen of that Pokémon. ItsUnlike actualin the core series, Hidden Power's type is visiblenot dependent on {{IV}}s. If two players catch the statussame screeninstance of a [[wild Pokémon]] that knows Hidden Power, the resulting Hidden Power type may still differ between the two players. If a Pokémon [[evolution|evolves]], its Hidden Power type will also be randomly re-rolled. Hidden Power's type cannot be changed using a [[Fast TM]].
|users={{MSP|121|Starmie}}{{MSP|137|Porygon}}{{MSP|175|Togepi}}{{MSP|176|Togetic}}{{MSP|201|Unown}}{{MSP|233|Porygon2}}<br>{{MSP|250|Ho-Oh}}{{tt|*|From February 1, 2019 onwards}}{{MSP|405|Luxray}}{{tt|*|From February 1, 2019 onwards}}{{MSP|406|Budew}}{{MSP|422|Shellos}}{{MSP|422E|Shellos}}{{MSP|423|Gastrodon}}<br>{{MSP|423E|Gastrodon}}{{MSP|468|Togekiss}}{{MSP|474|Porygon-Z}}{{MSP|492|Shaymin}}{{MSP|492S|Shaymin}}
*Prior to an update to [[Niantic]]'s servers on February 21, 2017, Hidden Power had a power of 10.
{{p|Ho-Oh}} and {{p|Luxray}} could only learn this move from February 1, 2019 onwards.