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* The dub title is loosely based on the phrase "the gift that keeps on giving."
* This is one of the rare episodes where the ''TO BE CONTINUED...'' sign appears on the top-right corner of the screen.
* [[Ted Lewis|Ed Paul]] (who was credited asunder his real name of Ted Lewis in season 1) reprises his role as {{an|Giovanni}}, making him the first returning voice actor to regain one of his roles since the dubbing of the show switched from 4Kids to {{TPCi|Pokémon USA}}.
* This episode, along with [[DP081|the next episode]], is rather infamous for a hoax put up on the Japanese website [[Pokéani]] in regards to the episode titles and summaries. This episode's hoax summary was that May or Dawn, whoever won against the other in the [[Wallace Cup]], would battle Wallace and stop an out-of-control Yanmega.
* This episode is the basis for the book ''Triple Trouble.''