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'''Darkrai''' (Japanese: '''ダークライ''' ''Darkrai'') is a major character in ''[[M10|The Rise of Darkrai]]''.
==HistoryIn the movies==
[[File:Darkrai and Alice.png|thumb|250px|left|Darkrai and Alice]]
Darkrai was first seen in a garden in [[Alamos Town]]. When multiple pillars were knocked over, [[Baron Alberto]] accused Darkrai as being responsible for the damage. It mysteriously appeared out of the ground and told everyone to not come there. When Baron Alberto sent out {{p|Lickilicky}} to battle it, it dodged by becoming invisible, then used {{m|Dark Void}}, which ended up hitting {{Ash}}. In Ash's nightmare, it showed Ash a vision of Palkia. It then brought {{AP|Pikachu}} into a vortex which Ash ended up in until he was awoken.
Darkrai made a cameo appearance during the ending credits of ''[[M12|Arceus and the Jewel of Life]]'', where he was still apparently living in the garden.
===Personality and characteristics===
Darkrai was mistaken as evil during the movie, attacking people and giving them nightmares. Baron Alberto in particular constantly accused Darkrai of all the anomalies occurring in Alamos Town. It was only later that it was revealed that Darkrai was actually trying to prevent {{mov|Palkia}} and {{mov|Dialga}} from destroying [[Alamos Town]].
Darkrai had a special attachment to [[Alice]] as it believed she was [[Alicia]], Alice's grandmother, who helped Darkrai when it was injured a long time ago. Ever since then it had stayed in that garden. It also once saved Alice after she fell off a cliff.
===Moves used===
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{{anmov|Dark|Dark Void|M10|The Rise of Darkrai}}
===Voice actors===
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|ja=秋山竜次 ''Kōji Ishizaka''