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The Phantom

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In the anime
'''The Phantom''' (Japanese: '''ファントム船長''' ''Captain Phantom'') is the main antagonist of ''[[M09|Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea]]''. He was the captain of a crew, including [[Galen]], that traveled the world is search of valuable artifacts like the [[Sea Crown]]. The Phantom is currently serving a sentence in jail for his crimes.
==In the animemovies==
The Phantom was first introduced in the movie snatching the {{OBP|Manaphy|M09}} {{pkmn|Egg}} as it was drifting through the ocean. He had it in his possession for only a short time before [[Jack Walker]] took it and escaped.
[[File:Phantom Mecha suit.png|250px|thumb|left|The Phantom's mecha suit]]