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** Unova is also the region that has the most settlements, with 21.
* Unova is the only region without:
** an actual or former {{type|Rock}} [[Gym]].<!--Do not remove this. It says "actual or FORMER". Jasmine is a former Rock -type gymGym leaderLeader.-->
** a regional Pokédex that starts with a {{type|Grass}} [[starter Pokémon]] (although the Grass-type starter Pokémon is still entry #001, its Pokédex starts with {{p|Victini}} as #000)
** the [[List of Pokémon by evolution family|evolution families]] of {{p|Pikachu}}, {{p|Abra}}, {{p|Machop}}, {{p|Tentacool}}, {{p|Geodude}}, {{p|Goldeen}}, and {{p|Magikarp}} in its regional Pokédex.
* Unova is the only region in which multiple gyms specialize in the same type: the [[Striaton Gym]] (which also specializes in {{t|Grass}} and {{t|Fire}}) and the [[Humilau Gym]] both specialize in {{t|Water}} types, and the [[Nacrene Gym]] and [[Aspertia Gym]] both specialize in {{t|Normal}} types.
* Unova is the only region to have two [[Victory Road]]s.
* Unova is the only region where the [[Gym guide|gym guide]] is named. He is named Clyde.
* Unova is the only region that has a female [[Pokémon Professor]].